Tommy Robinson ordered to leave bar after no member of staff would serve him

The former leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson was refused service at a restaurant before he was told to leave after confronting staff.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was trying to have a meal at Wing Kingz in Milton Keynes with his family when they would not serve him.

The far-right activist decided to film as he confronted staff over why he was being refused service and shared the video on social media.

Robinson went looking for the owner or manager of the establishment and was told the most senior figure was not around.

He tells a male staff member: “People have a problem with me, which is probably to do with my politics, and they’ve come over and said I’m not going to be served in here today. Now, I’m not going to take discrimination on that level.”

One female member of staff can be heard saying “unfortunately, none of our staff are happy to serve you”.

Robinson can be heard asking for reasons why staff are refusing to serve him.

The female staff member replies: “I am pretty sure you know why.”

Robinson then claims the restaurant is discriminating against him and tells staff to ring the owner before being asked to leave.

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He then threatens to “bring 500 people and shut the restaurant down.”

Following the incident with Robinson, Wing Kingz has been subjected to a number of fake online reviews.

Some of the reviews mention the Robinson incident in them as well as in comments directed towards the restaurant on Facebook.

Others have also praised the restaurant for standing their ground with Robinson.

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Wing Kingz wrote and posted a statement on its various social media channels:

It read: "As you may be aware, Wing Kingz has received many fake negative reviews over the past few days. This is following an incident whereby our team were made to feel uncomfortable by a customer.

"Wing Kingz does not tolerate racism or discrimination in any shape or form.

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"We are a diverse business with customers and staff from all backgrounds and are committed to creating a safe, comfortable environment for everyone who steps through our doors.

"This matter is now with the police, and anything further will be dealt with by them.

"To our wonderful customers, friends and family, thank you for your continued support."

The Daily Star has contacted both Wing Kingz and Thames Valley Police for comment.

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