Traffic stops near Texas-Mexico border leads to apprehension of 50 migrants, smuggling stash house discovery

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A pair of traffic stops in Texas led to the apprehension of 50 undocumented immigrants and the discovery of a smuggling stash house, authorities said Tuesday. 

On Tuesday morning, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents were called to assist Texas Department of Public Safety troopers in Palmview, a city located near the U.S-Mexico border, regarding a possible human smuggling attempt, a CBP news release said. 

The agents encountered a driver and 12 undocumented immigrants in a pickup truck, authorities said. All were taken into custody by border agents and the vehicle was seized by DPS. 


U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents took migrants found in a pickup truck into custody this week. 
(Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

On Monday, a state trooper stopped a vehicle in Mission, another border city, with three people inside and called for border agents to assist at the scene. The agents determined the three occupants were in the U.S. illegally.

During their investigation, authorities discovered more undocumented immigrants were staying in the driver’s nearby home, CBP said. The troopers requested that Mission police officers respond to a smuggling stash house, where they found 36 migrants inside, authorities said. 

Authorities said they found 36 migrants in a South Texas smuggling stash house this week. In total, a pair of traffic stops led to the apprehension of 50 migrants over two days.
(Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

State troopers seized the truck and arrested the driver, who was charged with human smuggling. The other 38 undocumented immigrants were taken to a CBP facility for processing. 

Undocumented migrants were found in an alleged smuggling stash house in South Texas this week. 
(Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

In a tweet about the apprehensions, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott placed the blame for the influx of migrants at the southern border on President Biden and said his state was being forced to fix it.


In another tweet, Abbott, a Republican, noted that border agents made more than 172,000 apprehensions in March, far more than in March 2020. 

“172,331 border apprehensions in March. 5X the number in March of 2020,” Abbott wrote. “Thanks to Biden’s open border policies, these numbers will continue to rise. On March 6, I sent @TxDPS & @TexasGuard to respond. Today, there’s still no clear plan from Biden.”

The Biden administration has taken heavy criticism from Republicans for its border policies, including allowing large numbers of migrants into the U.S. and into overcrowded facilities. 

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