Tragic postwoman dies after getting stuck in tower block lift for three days

A postwoman has died after getting stuck in a tower block lift for three days, with her tragic death confirmed by investigators.

Olga Leontyeva, 32, had been delivering mail on her rounds in the Uzbekistan capital, Tashkent, before being trapped in a lift and unable to summon help.

The mother-of-one had been reported missing by relatives, with her lifeless body found just days later when the lift stuck at the top of a nine-storey high rise was moved.

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Her three-day horror ended in a tragic death after the postwoman was left screaming for help, which nobody heard as she was stuck after an electricity cut.

The power cut also meant the elevator alarm system was not working, with a source saying "no-one heard her shouts for help."

But other reports indicate it was not an isolated electrical outage, and the lift had frequently suffered technical problems which had not been properly registered with authorities.

Breakdowns in the lift, according to Tashkent General Prosecutor's Office, were a "common" occurrence which left residents and postal workers risking their lives when using the motor-powered machine.

A video shows postie Olga entering the lift on July 24, which she was then trapped in for three days.

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She entered the elevator on the ground floor shortly before the horror incident which took her life, with a trip to the top floor to deliver letters ending in tragedy.

Worried relatives reported her missing on July 26before she was found on July 27 following an intensive search.

An earlier check on the lift found it to be in working order but it had not been registered according to government regulations, with a criminal case now launched.

Fakhriddin Nuraliyev, spokesman for Regional Electricity Networks said there were no power cuts in the building at the time of Olga's death, adding: "This is evidenced by the records of emergency shutdowns. The cause of the incident was the malfunction of the lift."

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