Trump impeachment trial team to slam Dems for 'inciting violence' as prosecutors ripped for ‘Capitol movie’

DONALD Trump's impeachment trial team is set to slam Dems for "inciting violence" as prosecutors are ripped for making a "movie" about the Capitol riot carnage.

The former president's lawyers will begin presenting their case on Friday after impeachment managers insisted Trump could get back into office and “do it all again” if he is not convicted.

Speaking to Fox News as Dems explained their case, Trump's defense lawyer David Schoen said his team would give "a much better picture of what's going on here," according to the Associated Press.

"I think you will at least be moved by what you see and get a much better picture of what exactly is going on here and the hypocrisy and some of the positions taken by the House managers in this case.

"They built a sort of a false dichotomy here. Either you condemn what he said and find him guilty or there's no middle ground."

Schoen – who criticized the impeachment hearing as an "offensive entertainment package" – also revealed that Trump's prosecutors will not need to take a "long time" to prove their point.

"This is what you get when you bring in a movie company and hire a large law firm to make a professional product – that takes things out of context," Schoen argued.

Trump's defense team are prepared to argue that the meaning of the former president's words have been misrepresented.

Dems like – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters – are expected to be a topic of conversation during the Trump team's presentation.

"This trial never should have happened – given the complete lack of evidence and the harm that this is causing to the American people," Schoen said.

"Do you think it leads to healing to show and reshow the tragedy that happened here at the Capitol, lives lost that had nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump. But they want you to believe that it did."

What will happen on Friday, February 12

  • At 12pm on Friday, February 12, 2021, the Senate will convene
  • Trump's impeachment trial will resume after the prayer and pledge
  • The former president’s lawyers have up to eight hours to present their case – and another eight hours on Saturday.
  • The rules are that a single day's presentation cannot be more than eight hours. Each side is only allowed a total of two days to demonstrate their case

Following Thursdays proceedings, Schoen told reporters: "I think it's a politically partisan process. I think it's the political weaponization of it.

"I think by hiring a movie company to make a film and a law firm to make a film as an entertainment piece is horrific, frankly.

"I think playing over and over again what happened to the Capitol when everyone has condemned what happened, the criminals who did that."

Schoen was referring to when harrowing new footage from the January 6 Capitol riot was played during the impeachment trial.

Some video clips even showed how Mike Pence and Mitt Romney fled for their lives as rioters smashed into the Capitol.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz also slammed the Dems on Thursday for their lengthy explanations.

He told Fox News' Sean Hannity: "The Democrats overplayed their hand today, they went on too long, too repetitious, they should have rested yesterday."

Trump's senior adviser Jason Miller revealed on Newsmax that Castor – a 59-year-old criminal defense attorney out of Pennsylvania – will present again on Friday.

His arguments will reportedly be "crisper" and "tighter."

Trump was reportedly "beyond angry" with Castor's impeachment defense team’s "shoddy' February 9 performance.

A majority of Senate Republicans have revealed they will vote to acquit the former president on the incitement of insurrection charge.

Timeline for the impeachment procedure

Jan. 11: Article of Impeachment – The House introduces one article against Trump accusing him of inciting the Capitol riot.

Jan 13: Impeachment Vote – The House passes the article, impeaching Trump for the second time.

Jan. 25: Delivery to the Senate – Article of impeachment was delivered to Senate.

Jan. 26: Motion to Dismiss – The Senate voted narrowly to move forward with the trial with only five Republican Senators voting in favour of it.

Feb. 9: The Trial – The Senate voted to proceed with the trial after a debate on whether a former president can be tried.

Next – 'Speedy' trial is set to play out to Sunday, February 14

Oral Arguments – House prosecutors and Trump’s defense team each have 16 hours over two days to present their arguments.

Senator Questions – Members of the Senate have up to four hours to quiz both the prosecution and the defense.

Witnesses and Documents – If the prosecution requests witnesses, the Senate will debate on whether to subpoena people and documents.

Closing Arguments – Both sides have up to four hours to present their closing statements

Senate Vote – Two thirds of Senators need to vote against Trump to convict him

Meanwhile, Hannity recounted the times GOP lawmakers were harassed and assaulted by far-left protesters.

In regards the May 30 breach attempt at the White House, Hannity said: "This happened only a few months ago. Nobody on the left seemed to care."

He then posed the following questions: "Where was the outrage from Democrats when this sacred building was attacked?… Where was the outrage when rioters showed up at Lindsey Graham’s home?

"Where was the outrage when [former DHS Secretary] Kirstjen Nielsen and [White House Press Secretary] Sarah Sanders were accosted at restaurants with their families?

"Where was the outrage when Rand Paul and his wife were attacked after the RNC? Where was the outrage when Rand Paul was viciously assaulted by a neighbor?"

However, during Thursday's trial hearing, Raskin asked: "Is there any political leader in this room who believes that if he is ever allowed by the Senate to get back into the Oval Office – Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way?"

"Would you bet the lives of more police officers on that?"

The third day of Trump's trial kicked off after the former president reportedly blasted the "terrible" impeachment trial prosecutors for showing the Capitol riot footage.

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