Two bare-breasted fans in body paint ‘tank tops’ at football game spark outrage

A mum who took her two children to their first football game has spoken of her shock after seeing two women among the crowd who were topless save for some body-paint.

Earlier this month, Salt Lake City YouTuber Melea Johnson took her son and daughter, aged 13 and 10 respectively, to see Utah Utes against local rivals Southern Utah earlier this month.

“I was really excited to take them to the football game, have them see what we experience throughout the fall every single year,” she said.

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But Melea was stunned to come across two young women who had chosen to dispense with the usual fan regalia and just had the team’s logo painted don there bodies..

“They had a haphazard 'U' just kind of sloppily painted on their back,” Melea said, “and we're like, 'is that all they're wearing?’"

Writing on Instagram, she said that there seemed to be no attempt to prevent the women from walking around half-naked in public.

“No one working the stadium stopped them at the gate, security guards just stared and let them walk by….no one did anything!”

Melea says that she complained to stadium staff but was told they were unable to “step in or escort them out because they’re worried they’ll get sued because of discriminatory laws."

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The University of Utah later released a statement that read: “Police are investigating an incident involving Saturday’s football game against Southern Utah University.

“After two women attended the game topless and wearing body paint on their torsos, a female officer asked them to put on their shirts. They complied with the request.

“Detectives will follow up this week to screen for any potential criminal charges. Students also will be referred to the dean of students for other potential discipline”.

Melea said she appreciated the university investigating and is only spoke up to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

Local police are still trying to track down the two culprits.


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