Two dead after getting trapped in car on flooded UK road

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    Two people have tragically died after getting trapped inside their car on a flooded road.

    It comes after police were called to concerns for the safety of a man and woman who were stuck in a submerged car beneath a bridge on Queens Drive in Mossley Hill, Merseyside yesterday.

    The pair were inside a black Mercedes Class 180 which travelled down a flooded road.

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    Their bodies were later discovered and they were sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

    Emergency services remained in the area until the early hours of this morning, the Liverpool Echo reports.

    The vehicle could be seen covered in a plastic sheet in the wake of the tragedy.

    Detective Chief Inspector Mike Dalton said: “Our thoughts go out to the family of the man and woman who sadly lost their lives in this tragic incident, despite the best efforts of passing members of the public, our officers and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services at the scene.

    “We are at the early stages of an ongoing investigation on Queens Drive to establish the circumstances of this tragic incident. Road closures remain in the area as we continue with this investigation and motorists are advised to avoid the road.

    “We are continuing to appeal to anyone who was on Queens Drive, between North Mossley Hill Road and Dovedale Road at around 9.20pm last night and saw the accident, or who stopped to try and help or anyone who had any dashcam footage from their car to come forward as soon as possible.

    “Similarly, if you live in the area and have any doorbell or CCTV footage from last night please share this with us. Thank you for your patience whilst we deal with this tragic incident.”

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    Eyewitnesses described seeing a car submerged under water in the road on Saturday night.

    Rebecca Wilson was traveling along Queens Drive when her taxi nearly went into the water at 9pm on Saturday evening.

    The 27-year-old said the water was around 15ft high. She believes the flooding may have come about because of a burst pipe.

    She told the Echo: "The water was gushing down like a waterfall and it was tonnes and tonnes of water. It looked like a burst dam and I think it must have been 15ft high right at the bottom of the dip."

    Those living around the area told the Echo about how the road, which dips as it goes beneath a bridge, has long been a problem. They said that multiple cars have been stuck in deep water in the last few months, which they said floods whenever there is torrential rain.

    One said: "I've never seen it that bad. That's the deepest I've ever seen it. It was absolutely lashing it down. Rarely have I seen it rain that bad. But nearly every time it rains they seem to have to close the road."

    The next of kin of the man and woman have now been informed and formal identification has been made.

    A file has been passed to the coroner who has asked Merseyside Police to further investigate the incident.

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