Two men 'murdered mum, 37, and her four children in petrol bomb attack at home'

TWO men murdered a mum and her four children in a petrol bomb attack at their home, a court heard today.

Michelle Pearson, 37, and four of her five children died following the horror blaze in Walkden, Greater Manchester, in December, 2017.

Zak Bolland, 26, and David Worrall, 28, deny murdering Ms Pearson, whodied from her injuries in August, 2019, Manchester Evening News reports.

The two men were previously convicted of murdering of the four children.

Three of Ms Pearson's children, Lacie, seven, Brandon, eight, and Demi, 15, died in the fire, with Michelle's youngest daughter, Lia, three, dying two days later.

Ms Pearson was alive at the time of Bolland and Worral's 2018 trial but was too ill to take part, Prosecutor Paul Reid, QC, told Manchester Crown Court.


Her son Kyle Pearson escaped the blaze after escaping through a window with a friend, Bobby Harris.

Mr Reid said: "Michelle Pearson died as a result of the injuries she sustained when Zak Bolland and David Worrall threw petrol bombs into the house where she was asleep with five of her children who were aged between three and 16 years old.

"Your task is made easier in this trial by your knowledge of their convictions in 2018.

"The prosecution say that if Michelle Pearson had died before that trial took place, that jury in 2018 would undoubtedly have convicted Bolland and Worrall of the murder of Michelle Pearson.

"We invite you to come to the same conclusion."

Jurors were told of a "continuing feud" between Zak Bolland and Kyle Pearson and other members of the Pearson family.

Around 12.30am on December 11, Ms Pearson was woke by one of her daughters and Bolland "threatening violence",warning he was "going to do your house", jurors were told.

Kyle Pearson said he heard Bolland shout he was going to "kill us all".

Mr Harris asid he heard Bolland shout something like "watch, all your family's getting it, they're all gonna die".

Ms Pearson called the police and after making a statement, she and the children went back to bed.

Shortly before 5am on December 11, Bolland and Worrall went to the back of the Pearson's house with 'homemade petrol bombs', prosecutors claimed.


The men removed a fence panel to gain entry before smashing a kitchen window and hurling two petrol bombs into the house, the court was told.

The house was "ablaze" by 5am on December 11, jurors heard.

Mr Reid said: "Two improvised incendiary devices had been thrown into the house through the broken window."

The court heard a third person, Courtney Brierley, was with Bolland and Worrall and "encouraged and assisted" them.

But she is not on trial as she "admitted her guilt for what she did in causing the death of Michelle Pearson".

The judge, Mrs Justice McGowan, told jurors to put emotions "to one side".

Mrs McGowan said: "You are here to be very cool and calm and collected, and to analyse the evidence as it unfolds before you."

The trial continues.

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