Ukraine ‘preparing’ for Putin to invade from the north

Ukraine: Kherson regional administration hit by Russian missile

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Ukraine is preparing for Russia to attempt to invade from the north, possibly around the anniversary of their first failed attempt, according to a top commander. Speaking to Sky News Major General Andrii Kovalchuk said that Russian President Vladimir Putin could even send millions of soldiers into battle, particularly if Moscow’s forces falter in the face of stiff Ukrainian resistance.

He said that although the Ukrainian military would be able to combat millions of Russians they would need key weapons from NATO allies, such as cluster munitions.

Major General Kovalchuk is also Commander of the Operational Command South and has been a key figure behind Kyiv’s successful southern counter offensive in recent months.

He insisted that Ukraine would win the war by taking back all of its territory under Russian control, including Crimea.

However he did warn that the fiercest fighting might yet be to come.

Major General Kovalchuk expects Russia to try invade Ukraine again around the anniversary of the start of the invasion earlier this year on February 24.

He said: “Yes, we foresee such options, such scenarios.

“We are preparing for it.

“We live with the thought that they will attack again.

“This is our task.”

Major General Kovalchuk also believes that Russian forces may again attack from Belarus which will make an attempted assault on Kyiv easier.

He said: “We are considering a possible offensive from Belarus at the end of February, maybe later.

“We are preparing for it. We are investigating.

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“We look at where they accumulate strength and means.

“We are preparing.”

Russia’s first attempt to take Kyiv from the north ended in failure in a matter of weeks when the more motivated Ukrainian troops defeated their poorly trained Russian counterparts.

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