Vegan woman complains about smell after neighbour cooks meat outside

A meat-eater sparked a debate into who was in the wrong after his vegan next-door neighbour requested that he stop cooking beef outside because the smell was making her and her partner feel unwell.

The meat-eating man posted on a forum on Reddit specifically set up for commenters to decide who is in the right, and the wrong, in any given situation.

He also appealed for advice on how to deal with the new neighbour, who moved in just six months ago.

The man wrote: "All was going well until the female neighbour knocked on our door and asked if we could stop making jerky outside because she and her husband are vegans, and the smell is making them sick.

"I told them I’d rather not have to make it inside because the smell is quite strong (ironic, I know) and that I’d prefer to continue to make it outside."

He went on: "I explained that it was only once every 2 or 3 months and maybe if I move it further away from their side it might make a difference. She wasn’t too happy but left."

The poster said that last week he was making jerky in his garden again. "Sure enough she knocks on the door again, this time much angrier and demanded we stop because it was making her and her child sick.

"I told her that no, I wouldn’t stop and perhaps they could close up their house or something," he said.

He said that his old neighbours were fine with his jerky cooking, and added that he feels bad about the new problem.

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"Anyway, I kind of feel bad because I can understand where she is coming from," he wrote.

Replying to the man's plea, one person said that the woman was acting "entitled".

They wrote: "People BBQ in their backyards all the time too and that smell goes everywhere.

"Is she going to go tell everyone they can’t BBQ in their backyards either because the smell of hotdogs and ribs are overwhelming?

"The entitlement of some people baffles my mind."

In the woman's defence, one person said: "Dehydrating meat is honestly foul. And it lingers."

Another added: "Dude if you don’t want the smell of dehydrating meat lingering in your house, you can imagine why they wouldn’t want it stinking out their garden."

Reflecting on the advice, the man said he would give "fair warning" but continue to cook the meat.

"I will endeavour to have a good relationship with my vegan neighbours and give them fair warning in the future. Hopefully they’ll be ok with that, otherwise there’s not much else I’ll be doing," he said.

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