Vermont senator Patrick Leahy who's third in line for presidency starred in 5 Batman movies and is a huge comic book fan

A US senator third in line for presidential succession is a huge comic book fan who has appeared in FIVE Batman films.

Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, who will preside over Donald Trump's impeachment trial, is a lifelong Batman fan who appeared in numerous caped crusader movies – including The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger.

Leahy a veteran democratic senator is the current president pro tempore of the US Senate.

This means that in succession terms, he could become president after the vice president, Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In 1995, Leahy appeared in Batman Forever via an uncredited cameo and in the same year, he voiced a character – the ‘Territorial Governor’ in Batman: The Animated Series.

Leahy appeared in The Dark Knight, with a short speaking role as a member of the board of Wayne Enterprises.

Inhis scene, he explains to Heath Ledger's Joker that he “won't be intimidated by thugs” – after which Ledger holds a knife to his throat.

Speaking about the moment to RollCall, Leahy said: “He scared the heck out of me, when he came at me with the knife…I didn’t have to act.”

It comes as it was announced Senator Leahy will preside over Donald Trump's impeachment trial – rather than Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

"The president pro tempore has historically presided over Senate impeachment trials of non-presidents," Leahy confirmed in a statement on Monday.

"When presiding over an impeachment trial, the president pro tempore takes an additional special oath to do impartial justice according to the Constitution and the laws.

"It is an oath that I take extraordinarily seriously." 

The article of impeachment accusing ex-President Trump of inciting insurrection was delivered from the House of Representatives to the Senate on Monday – kicking off his historic second trial.

The move charges Trump over his actions during the deadly January 6 riots in which his supporters stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to stop the mostly ceremonial certification of Joe Biden's election win.

Trump remains the only president in history to have been twice impeached by the House and the only president to go through his impeachment trial after office.

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