'Walkies' is the word most likely to send your pet pooch’s heart racing, study shows

"WALKIES” is the word most likely to send your pet pooch’s heart racing.

It came out top in a behavioural study using heart-rate monitors to measure dogs’ reactions to certain words and phrases.

Owners noted down their animal’s reaction and any change in heart rate when they heard one of 16 phrases.

The average resting rate across all breeds and ages was 115 beats per minute.

But “walkies” sent excited dogs’ heart rates racing to 156bpm — an increase of 36 per cent.

Dinner was next (152) and treat time third (151).

A spokesman for OnBuy.com said: “We conducted a three-month long study to find out which words and phrases our pooches love to hear the most.

“We found the most loved word was ‘Walkies’, sending heart rates soaring to 156bpm – a 36 per cent increase from a normal resting heart rate.

“We also found the least loved words or phrases included ‘Roll Over’, ‘Shall we go home?’, ‘Speak’, and ‘Come on then’.

Words to make your dog’s heart pound

  1. Walkies – 156bpm – 36 per cent increase
  2. Dinner – 152bpm – 32 per cent increase
  3. Treat time – 151bpm – 31 per cent increase
  4. Get it – 150bpm – 30 per cent increase
  5. Fetch – 147bpm – 28 per cent increase
  6. Get your toy – 144bpm – 25 per cent increase
  7. Good boy/girl – 139bpm – 21 per cent increase
  8. What’s that? – 135bpm – 17 per cent increase
  9. Calling their name – 128bpm – 11 per cent increase
  10. Find it – 124bpm – 8 per cent increase

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