We didn't use bathrooms or toilet paper – here is what we used instead

I escaped my Amish community where we didn’t use bathrooms or toilet paper – here is what we used instead

  • Lizzie Ens explained that toilet paper was considered a luxury for Amish people
  • The community used outhouses rather than indoor bathrooms
  • The members used outhouses all year-round, including winter 

A former Amish woman has revealed why people in her community do not use toilet paper and what they used instead when going to the bathroom.

Lizzie Ens explained on TikTok that toilet paper in their lifestyle was considered a ‘luxury item,’ compared to priorities such as food and clothing.

Instead, whenever she needed to go to the bathroom, she needed to walk to an outhouse and use crumbled up pieces of newspaper or magazines.

‘We would take any kind of newspaper… and we would take the paper and just rip it,’ she said. 

This applied year-round – even when there was snow on the ground. 

Lizzie Ens explained that while living in the Amish community they did not use toilet paper

‘Our bathrooms were not bathrooms – they were outhouses,’ Ens added

The Amish community Ens was in did not have indoor plumbing, which was the reason why members would go to the bathroom in outhouses.

‘Our bathrooms were not bathrooms – they were outhouses,’ she said.

‘We didn’t have any running water inside or anything like that. We had outhouses,’ she continued.

Ens even admitted to having memories of going outside in the middle of the winter when it’s ‘so cold,’ and ‘so snowy.’ 

The content creator explained how people in the outhouse would take a page of paper cut it or rip it to fit their needs. 

Individuals using the outhouses would create what she says were ‘little squares,’ and then use those to clean themselves.

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Amish people also used outhouses year-round, with Ens admitting to having memories of going to the bathroom in cold and snowy weather while bundled up in a coat

People on TikTok have shared their stories and experiences on using outhouses with newspaper as their wipes – one of which said coffee filters would be a better item to use

Times have seemingly changed according to Ens, who pointed out that toilet paper is no longer a luxury item. 

‘If I go home now and I see my my mom, they have the luxury of using toilet paper… I don’t see any newspaper being used anymore,’ she said. 

People have commented on the video with their questions, suggestions, and statements regarding the outhouse and newspaper wipe usage.

One earlier commenter said: ‘How is toilet paper a luxury but having magazines and newspapers was not very confusing.’

Ens responded with the question: ‘Have you tried using newspapers to wipe?’

Another person said: My daughter watched this and was SHOCKED. I told her growing up, when we were poor. Newspaper usage was a thing. She said whoa we’re lucky.’

A TikToker recently stated: ‘I grew up the same way but we were just poor.’ 

Ens said toilet paper was considered ‘a luxury item’ rather than a priority item

Ens explained how people in the outhouse would take a page of paper cut it or rip it into pieces

Another user admitted: ‘I’ve used a out house. I’ve used newspaper, magazine and Sears Christmas catalog.’

One person who did the same thing even made a suggestion and said: ‘we did that being poor, coffee filters work too in a pinch..cheaper than TP.’ 

Ens encouraged viewers who wanted a small taste of the Amish lifestyle to give using newspaper a try and even made some suggestions on how to do so.

‘If you’re wondering what this feels, like just go give it a try,’ she said.

‘Crumble it up, make it a little softer, and give it a try,’ she added.

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