Wedding guest kicks police officer in the crotch as party turns into wild brawl

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    A shocking video has captured the moment a wild brawl broke out between wedding guests and police officers — with one woman kicking a cop between the legs.

    Newport police officers were responding to a call about a disorderly party at The Landing restaurant in Bowen’s Wharf, Rhode Island, US around 1am on Sunday (September 10) when violence ensued.

    Security staff were explaining to the responding officers that a man named David Onik, 44, had allegedly tried to punch an employee and shoved another when he was denied entry as an “unwanted party”.

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    But his friends begun surrounding the officers, who repeatedly told them to get back, before moving to arrest his wife, Rachael, 41, for failing to comply.

    At which point the unhinged behaviour, which was caught on video with police body cams, escalated.

    Alexandra Flaherty, 31, was seen in an orange dress kicking Sergeant Stephen Carrig in the privates, according to a police report shared online.

    The cop then retaliates by swinging at Ms Flaherty with a slap as others joined the all-out brawl.

    In the middle of the carnage, Robert Nash, 30, landed a blow on Sgt Carrig, causing him to fall over and suffer a bloody nose.

    As the cops colleagues rushed to arrest Nash, Flaherty was seen once again trying to kick cops in the crotch.

    Another suspect was also seen trying to take an officer's gun — but when the cop swung for her, his punch landed on Ms Onik's jaw, knocking her unconcious.

    Ms Onik and Sgt Carrig were taken to a nearby hospital, where they have since been released, WPRI reported.

    A total of six people were arrested from the scene. Five of them will face court today (Wednesday, September 13).

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    Four individules, including Mr Nash, Ms Flaherty, Ms Onik and a woman named Olivia Costello, 20, all face assault charges, as well as charges for resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

    Mr Onik was charged with disorderly conduct, and the sixth, 28-year-old Kylie Swain was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

    Ms Swain will face court at a later date.

    It has not been confirmed whether the suspects had with the wedding party, or if the brawl stopped the celebrations.

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