Weird trend sees Chinese parents moulding baby heads into ‘ideal’ round shape

Instagram stars and OnlyFans models are always showing off their latest plastic surgery, but some Chinese parents aren't willing to wait for their little influencers to grow up.

They’re using special pillows and even helmets to train their babies’ skulls into a more rounded shape.

Babies’ skulls are softer and more pliable than they will be in adulthood, and fashion conscious parents have been taking advantage of that to mould their little ones into what they see as perfection.

On social media network Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) mothers have been swapping tips on how to get the perfect skull shape.

One mother posted a thread entitled “I took my baby to head-shape correction, despite my family’s protests”.

The fashion-conscious mum said that, because her baby sleeps on her back, her head was looking “flat and stretched out”.

So when the baby was seven months old, the mother ordered custom-made “head correction gear” from a local specialist clinic.

At the clinic, reports the South China Morning Post, a mould was made of the baby’s head. The little girl was then made to sleep in a helmet that worked like a dental brace – shaping the little one’s head while she slept.

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In response to criticism from fellow Xiaohongshu users, she replied: “I think wearing a head helmet has the same function as wearing braces, which is to correct a body part and make it more beautiful.”

She added that she herself has a flat head, and knew how painful it is for women who are chasing beauty.

“I don’t want my kid to grow up and regret this part of herself,” she said.

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Opinions were divided on the skull-moulding treatment. One Xiaohongshu member said that any suffering that the baby went though in the short term would pay off in future: “The suffering now is for a beautiful head in the future,” they wrote. “Your baby will grow up appreciating your hard work!”

But others weren’t convinced. “You do not need to go through this trouble,” one said. “When babies get older, they roll around in their sleep, and the shape adjusts back automatically … do not let your anxiety put your child through all this pain.”

It’s a growing industry in the Far East. Online store Taobao sells a specialist “head-shaping” pillow for babies, and they recommend that parents snap one up quickly if they need one – because they’re selling out fast.

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