We're at war with selfish day-trippers who park outside our homes – we put out cones to save spots but they move them | The Sun

LOCALS on a busy street are at war with selfish day-trippers who block their drives when parking road-side.

Brits living down the road from a trampoline park – popular for kids' birthday parties and school trips – have resorted to using traffic cones to stop drivers leaving them stuck.

But it's no use, as visitors would rather move the cones than find a space in the Red Kangaroo car park in Exhall, Warks.

Debbie Bennett, 49, said: "I’ve got four cones that I use so people don’t block us in.

"The local police gave them to me because he could see just how chaotic it is.

“I stretch them out just enough so no-one can try and park in between.

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“We’ve had people get out of their cars and move the cones, completely brazen.

“I confronted one guy who moved the cones. I asked him why he’d done it.

"But he just sped off into the trampoline park car park and found a space there.

“I reckon half the time people are parking on the street just because they are too lazy to find a parking space in the car park.

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“Somebody put a tannoy announcement out in the trampoline park asking someone to move their car because it was causing a blockage.

"My friend overheard them say 'why should we?'

"That’s the attitude of the parents who are in there. They don’t care and the council doesn’t care."

Locals fear accidents are inevitable unless more is done to ease parking congestion when the trampoline park is at its busiest.

Debbie’s husband Ian, 41, said: "It’s a complete nightmare – especially at the weekends.

"The clue is in the name. It’s School Lane – it’s a lane. It’s a narrow road which gets completely overwhelmed.

 "If cars park on the road, it blocks the traffic. If they park on the path it blocks the path so pedestrians have to walk on the road.

"You’ve also got hyped-up children running across the road to the trampoline park like there’s an ice cream van.

"They’re not paying attention because they are too excited about the trampolines."

Locals want to see double yellow lines or permit parking zones put in place on School Lane.

Resident Richard Beacham, 49, added: "At the weekend the whole road is completely blocked up.


"I’ve got a dropped kerb at the end of my driveway but that hasn’t stopped people from parking across it.  

"People park on the road rather than try and find a space in the car park. It’s selfish – but that’s people for you.

"You’ve got mums and dads carrying balloons and cakes for birthday parties as their kids are trying to cross the road. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

"They need to put down yellow lines and they need to put a crossing in."

Red Kangaroo trampoline park declined to comment.

The Sun has contacted Warwickshire County Council for comment.

Exhall councillor Damon Brown previously said: "We have raised issues with congestion, parking and the junction with Exhall Green and School Lane.

"We've asked the county council for traffic-calming measures along School Lane to combat this problem and have been raising this issue for a number of years.

"We sympathise with residents who live in this area. The new housing estate which has gone ahead has contributed to the parking problem, and we've raised this issue with those in charge of the council but they've ignored us.

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"It's an ongoing problem and we'll keep fighting for residents to get something down about it.

"We fully support getting something done to calm traffic on the road and improve the junction along School Lane and Exhall Green."

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