Wetherspoons drinker invents game which has led to 100,000 punters getting free drinks

A WETHERSPOONS drinker has invented a game that has led to 100,000 punters getting the chance to grab free drinks.

Chris Illman, from Hampshire, created "Wetherspoons The Game!!" in 2018 after successfully carrying out a trick he had previously seen online.

The 40-year-old had seen people post their table number at Wetherspoons on their social media and say that it was their birthday.

After heading to his local, Chris decided to try out the trick.

"I'd read an article about someone going out for their 21st birthday party and uploading their table number and getting sent loads of stuff," he told the Daily Star.

"Me and my mate thought 'why not let's try it,' and we got sent a table full of stuff.

"I knew then I had to start the page and it’s just snowballed from there."

Since its creation, the page has had more than 130,000 members where they post their table number and location in the hopes of bagging free stuff.

The page invites people to share their location at any Wetherspoons chain and allows strangers all over the country to buy them food and drink on the app.

"People really go for it," father-of-two Chris said.

The group became so popular that Chris organised a number of charity nights in Liverpool where over £6,000 worth of food and drink was bought for the homeless in the area.

The fundraiser asked locals to chip in and send pizzas, soft drinks and snacks to one pub in Liverpool.

Volunteers then hit the streets and handed out the 400 food and drink orders to the homeless population in the city.


Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Chris said: "It was absolutely amazing, we couldn't cope with the amount of food being sent over to our table.

"The bleeper in the pub that goes off every time a food order arrives was annoying everyone in the pub because it was going off all the time.

"The staff were brilliant and they were prepared for us, but they were still very stressed because of the sheer volume of food being ordered to our table – it was just brilliant.

"At one point we crashed the screen in the pub that shows orders, it just couldn't cope."

Creator Chris has since come up with another fan-favourite page where generous members can buy gifts for people from their Amazon wishlist.

"It’s going absolutely crazy at the moment," he said about his new venture.

"It’s been going just over a week and it’s got over 700 members and people are being sent loads of stuff."

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