What are tankini swimsuits?

Tankini swimsuits were first developed and introduced to the world by Ann Cole. This happened in the 1990s, and since then the style has remained popular and appears in the modern collections of prominent designers. The assortment of the Lascana brand also includes such swimsuits, and the choice of such models is impressive in terms of design options. You can have several such suits — and they will not look alike at all.

What is a tankini swimsuit?

Tankinis are often compared to one-piece swimsuits: they also cover the body in the abdomen and back, but unlike a one-piece swimsuit, they give the girl much more freedom, since these are still two separate elements of clothing. In this way, tankini swimsuits combine the convenience of a bikini and the closeness and modesty of a one-piece bathing suit. At the same time, you have more advantages, because, in addition to the standard bottom, you can choose any alternative: shorts, high-waisted pants, low-cut bikinis, etc.

A tankini top can look like a tank top with one or two straps. Much less often, this style allows you to use a cropped top that slightly covers the stomach.

Advantages of tankini

The main advantage of womens tankini is that they allow you to completely hide flaws and emphasize the attractiveness of the figure.

  • If girls are often complex about an imperfect press or the presence of scars or stretch marks (which I am a normal phenomenon), tankinis will help to hide these features from prying eyes.
  • Inserts in the bodice area (bones, push-ups, or a special cut) help support the breasts well.
  • The top can be decorated with curves, and various geometric or abstract patterns — and in this version, tankinis for women are not just a stylish idea. They also correct shapes like an oval or an inverted triangle.

Apart from that, the girl gets the opportunity to combine different tops and bottoms and get pleasure from mixing images. At the same time, the style is ideal for swimming in sunny weather, as it protects the skin from the unwanted aggressive effects of the sun’s rays.

Also, girls love tankinis because they are comfortable moving and playing sports in them. You can conquer the waves, play beach volleyball or badminton, and feel attractive and confident everywhere. So, a tankini is a stylish and functional beach suit that is unlikely to go out of fashion in the next few seasons.