What time is the Covid vote today, Thursday, March 25 and will lockdown be extended?

BORIS Johnson faces a crunch vote in the Commons today (Thursday March 25, 2021) over extending emergency Coronavirus Act powers.

MPs will vote as per the prime minister's promise to review Covid restrictions every five weeks – and continue with the four-step roadmap out of lockdown.

What time is the Covid vote today?

MPs will vote on Boris Johnson's coronavirus laws today (Thursday March 25, 2021).

MPs will be asked to approve the regulations for the route out of lockdown and keep some of the emergency powers in the Coronavirus Act in place until September.

The prime minister will be looking to gain backing from MPs on his route out of lockdown and restrictions in place – which are reviewed every five weeks.

The vote is expected at around 5pm – and will rubber stamp large £5,000 fines for people in England and Wales if they travel without a valid reason.

Will lockdown be extended?

MPs will today be asked to rubber stamp the regulations for the route out of lockdown.

The final date as part of the roadmap is June 21 when it's hoped all restrictions can be lifted.

Those will be reviewed every 35 days as part of the PM's plans – and could be altered later down the line if things go well, or take a turn for the worse.

And MPs will also extend the emergency powers in the Coronavirus Act – which will stay in place until September.

The votes are set to pass because Labour will back them, but the PM faces a dozen furious rebels who are set to defy him.

Mark Harper said this morning: "Govt wants to extend emergency Coronavirus Act powers until October.

"This leaves open the possibility of restrictions returning in the Autumn.

"Unlike Labour, my colleagues and I will continue asking the reasonable questions about policy decisions that affect all our lives."

Steve Baker, deputy chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of Tory lockdown sceptics, said the vote was a "rare opportunity" for MPs to "say no to a new way of life in a checkpoint society".

What will the vote decide?

A vote on extending coronavirus laws for a further six months will come to the Commons amid talks between the UK and EU aiming to resolve a dispute over vaccine supplies.

Boris Johnson warned that a "blockade" on vaccines could result in "long-term" damage but said he continued to work with his European partners.

The Prime Minister also suggested to the Commons Liaison Committee that it could be up to landlords to decide if coronavirus certificates are required for pubgoers.

Trade body UKHospitality criticised the prospect of pubs and restaurants being subject to vaccine certificates as "simply unworkable" and said it could cause conflict between staff and customers.

The legislation for restrictions over the coming months, as the Government sets out its road map for coming out of lockdown, will see some restrictions remain in place in England until at least June 21.

The vote on Thursday is likely to comfortably pass, with Labour not expected to oppose the measures.

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