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THE year after England's infamous World Cup win, a neighbour took an eight-year-old Cass Pennant to his first ever football game.

Little did he know that the trip to watch West Ham was to inspire his entire life.

Who is Cass Pennant?

Cass Pennant did not have an easy introduction to life in London, his mother abandoned a six-week-old Pennant and he was placed into care.

Having emigrated from Jamaica while pregnant, he was named Carol which was a popular name for men in the West Indies at the time.

Racial tensions were high in the country at the time and he found himself to be one of the only black people in Slade Green, Greater London.

He endured hatred for the colour of skin and in school his name was the source of much bullying also.


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It was this and the inspiration of watching Muhammad Ali beat Henry Cooper that then spurred him to adopt the name Cass.

At the time, the great boxer was still known by the name Cassius Clay.

What is Cass Pennant known for?

Nowadays, Pennant is known as one of the country's most infamous football hooligans.

He became a member of West Ham's Inter City Firm (ICF), in fact, one of the founder members of the group.

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It was the late 70s and Pennant was starting to make a name for himself with one of Britain's most violent football gangs.

His upbringing and the constant racism and bullying he endured had made him feel worthless.

As a result, he had no fear, and the idea of "tear-ups" with rival firms had become like a drug to him.

Such a lifestyle was to lead to two stints in prison but it did not affect Pennant's addiction to the football violence.

On his release, after his second prison sentence, he was to return immediately to the fold of the ICF.

One particular feud with a rival firm resulted in Pennant being shot three times at point-blank range.

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What does Cass Pennant do now?

Since retiring from the violence plaguing the football terraces, he really turned his life around.

Pennant started to write books about the experiences in his life and particularly his exploits with the hooligan firm.

In 2002, he wrote an autobiography called "Cass" and acted as a consultant on programmes such as "The Real Football Factories" with Danny Dyer.

After appearing in a documentary called "Football's Fight Club" which aired on Channel Four, documenting football terrace violence in the 70s, he went on to consult for the film Green Street.

He wrote a series of books that proved extremely popular such as "Congratulations, You Have Just Met the ICF".

In 2008, the film "Cass" was made documenting his life from his difficult upbringing on the streets of London.

Since then, he has been speaking about his experiences and giving talks on how he turned his life around.

He has spoken about how he was able to turn his life around and that the right path in life is not beyond anyone.

Pennant has acted as inspiration to those looking to turn their back on lives of crime and violence.

What did Frank Bruno say about Cass Pennant?

Frank Bruno was to first encounter Pennant when training from a boxing gym in Canning Town.

The ex-boxer was in Mile End one day when two skinheads were heading towards him.

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Pennant was to intervene and a violent fight kicked off between the three.

Since then, the pair have remained life-long friends and Bruno says that he is glad his time in Canning Town led him to meet Cass Pennant.

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