Who is Denise Coates' husband Richard Smith?

BET365 boss Denise Coates may have taken home Britain's biggest ever pay packet of £469million last year, but she’s reportedly still living in Stoke on Trent with her husband Richard.

All eyes are on the gambling chief turbo after the news that she turbo-boosted her salary last year, giving herself a whopping 52 per cent pay rise.

Who is Denise Coates' husband Richard Smith?

Richard Smith is the husband of Bet365 boss Denis Coates.

Smith also works for Bet365, The Sunday Times reports.

The pair reportedly met at Sheffield University, where Coates gained a first class degree in econometrics.

Coates, 53, earned a director’s salary of £421million for her role as chief executive of Bet365, plus another £48million dividend for her 50 per cent stake in the business.

The mega financial package means she took home 3,126 times more than the Prime Minister, who earns around £150,000.

Her pay packet works out at almost £54,000 an hour and was also more than all of the salaries of the chief executives of Britain's 100 largest listed companies put together.

In total Bet365 handed out £607million to senior managers, including Mrs Coates's brother John, who is co-chief executive.

The Coates family are estimated to be worth around £6.8 billion, making Mrs Coates the UK's 5th richest woman behind Marit and Kirsten Rausing, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Kirsty Bertarelli.

How many children do Denise Coates and Richard Smith have?

Denise Coates and Richard Smith have five children.

Four of their children are adopted, under circumstances which have never been publicly discussed.

In March 2014, the Independent reported that the children had recently been adopted “from the same family”.

They have five children, including four that in March 2014 were reported as being "recently adopted from the same family".[7][1][20]

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