Who is Dr Shannon Curry and who's her husband?

DR Shannon Curry is a clinical and forensic psychologist with an expertise in intimate partner violence.

She was contacted by Johnny Depp’s legal team in 2021 to assess Amber Heard’s mental health with regard to the pair’s ongoing defamation case.  

Who is Dr Shannon Curry?

According to her website, Shannon is the director of the Curry Psychology Group, a counselling centre in Orange County, California.

There she claims to have 15-years of experience in several areas including research, therapy and psychological evaluations and specialises in trauma, violence, and relationships.

The psychologist says she has worked in military, forensic and community settings, adding that she helps people “transform relationships, overcome grief and trauma, and achieve overall life improvement”.

With several bachelor, doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications to her name, Dr Shannon is licensed to practice in both California and Hawaii.

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She also regularly serves as a psychology expert for state courts and law enforcement as well as working as a certified forensic examiner.

Dr Shannon Curry’s net worth in 2022 is $2 million, according to Explore Net Worth.

What has Dr Shannon Curry said during the Johnny Depp trial?

Psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry was first called as a witness in the Depp-Heard defamation trial in April 2022.

She alleged that Heard had a borderline personality disorder and a histrionic personality disorder –an overwhelming desire to be noticed.

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Curry said she came to the conclusions by looking at previous assessments by Heard and two direct examinations after she had been asked to complete "a psychological analysis" of the actress.

She concluded that Heard had “grossly exaggerated” the post-traumatic stress the actress claimed to have suffered from her relationship with Depp.

She added that, from the actresses’ perspective, the actor went from being “idealized to the dumpster.”

In May 2022, Curry was again called to the stand to “rebut” evidence presented by clinical psychologist Dr Dawn Hughes on behalf or Ms Heard.

Hughes disputed that Amber suffered from personality disorders and had suffered from PTSD at the hands of by Mr Depp.

In front of the court for a second time Dr Curry accused Dr Hughes of “misrepresenting” the tests and the results she utilised in her evaluation of Ms Heard.

“She misrepresented my testing and the results I obtained in my evaluation. And she provided testimony in a manner that presented her own opinions and the self-report of Ms Heard as facts,” she said.

Who is Dr Shannon Curry's husband?

In a bizarre interaction during the live streamed trial, Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft suggested Curry was so excited about her evaluation of Ms Heard that she told her husband about it.

She claimed that Curry had purchased muffins for Ms Heard as she carried out her assessments – saying they were from her husband, Ty.

But Curry refuted claims she had told her husband about her involvement with her A-list client, which would have broken confidentiality rules.

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Does Dr Shannon Curry have children?

Curry has been married to husband Ty since 2021.

However, it is not thought that the couple share any children together.  

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