Who is Munroe Bergdorf?

Who is Munroe Bergdorf? Transgender model has told of her rape hell and said she was treated as ‘mentally ill’ as she transitioned to female

  • The transgender activist and model will be on Late Night Lycett at 10pm tonight
  • The 35-year-old model said the ‘demonisation’ of trans people led to her attack

L’Oreal’s former ‘face of diversity’ and transgender activist Munroe Bergdorf will be joining comedian Joe Lycett on his Channel 4 show Late Night Lycett tonight at 10pm. 

The transgender activist who has been trailblazing campaigner for trans rights, revealed her ‘traumatising’ treatment during her transition, during which she was treated like she was ‘mentally ill’ in her recent memoir, Transitional.

The memoir, which was released in February this year, shares details of Munroe’s heartbreaking story of mental health battles and toxic relationships before she found her community in London.

The striking 35-year-old model and writer appeared on ITVs Loose women in February, to promote her self-penned memoir, and bravely recounted her horrific ordeal when ‘locked in a room for two hours’ and brutally raped by a man who stalked her after a night out.

The activist also blamed the ‘demonisation’ of transgender people in the escalated violence suffered by the community that led to her sexual assault.

The transgender activist who has been trailblazing campaigner for trans-rights, revealed her ‘traumatising’ treatment during her transition

Speaking to the Loose Women panel, Munroe said: ‘I had this encounter because society demonises our bodies so much to the point where men who find us attractive are being fed it is so wrong that they do it in secret and often enact sexual violence on us.

‘I was locked in a room for two hours and raped, I was stalked for six hours before, I met him on a night out and then he found where I lived and where I worked and raped me very badly’.

In an interview with the Guardian, Munroe also revealed her ostracization at school by her peers because she was ‘too girly for the boys and [she] wasn’t a girl – or seen as a girl’.

Munroe grew up under the Section 28 legislation, introduced by former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, that banned schools from the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.

The model told Grazia that the controversial legislation encouraged queer people to be ‘ashamed of ourselves’.

Joe Lycett, who will be hosting Munroe on his show tonight, came out as gay as a teenager but now identifies as pansexual – the attraction towards people regardless of their gender.

Munroe first made headlines after being dropped from her lucrative relationship with L’Oreal in 2017, after condemning all white people as racist in a lengthy Facebook rant. 

The activist also blamed the ‘demonisation’ of transgender people in the escalated violence suffered by the community that led to her sexual assault

Munroe said that she didn’t have the ‘energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people’.

She added: ‘Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk’.

The French personal care brand confirmed that it had ended the business relationship with the model shortly after her appearance in the ‘#allworthit’ campaign with Cheryl Cole and Katie Piper.

The British star grew up in middle-class town in Stansted Mountfitchet, in Essex with hardly any black people in the neighbourhood, to her white mother and Jamaican father.

The British beauty told the Guardian that her Facebook post was in response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

She said: ‘The idea that people should speak about the trauma and oppression they have experienced in a way that is digestible for people who don’t experience it … I mean, I was angry. 

‘We were watching one of the most violent displays of racism in recent history. It was horrendous. Of course I was angry, and I think I had a right to be.’

Munroe will also be joined actress Dame Joan Collins and reality TV star Gemma Collins on Late Night Lycett at 10pm tonight on Channel 4, live from Birmingham.  

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