Who is performing at Joe Biden's inauguration?

JENNIFER Lopez and Lady Gaga are leading the star-studded Inaugural Ceremony that will see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be sworn in as President and Vice President of the US.

Lady Gaga will be singing the national anthem while JLo will do a musical performance on the West Front of the US Capitol.

Lopez is one of the country's most influential Latin artists. She and Shakira made headlines last year when they were the first Latina duo to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The award-winning singer and her partner, former Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, "have been outspoken about the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on Latinos and the need to contain the virus, rebuild the economy, and unify the country," read a statement from the Biden Inauguration.

Lady Gaga also previously worked with President-elect Joe Biden while he was vice president.

"During the Obama-Biden Administration, she worked closely with President-elect Biden’s 'It’s On Us' campaign to address sexual assault on college campuses."

Both Gaga and JLo have been fervent supporters of the president-elect since he became the Democratic nominee.

"For me, it's [about] unifying the nation again, getting rid of this hate," Lopez said in a video chat with Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

"I hate thinking about my kids walking around in a world where it's okay to be racist or prejudiced because our administration says it's okay."

The superstar singer and actress shared the news on Twitter with a photo of her captioned with three hearts in red, white, and blue and the hashtag "Inauguration 2021."

Lady Gaga took to Instagram to share a photo of her wearing a shirt reading "Joe"

"I am deeply honored to be joining the Biden Inaugural on January 20 to sing the National Anthem and celebrate the historic inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! ?"

Which stars have signed onto the Inauguration?

The pop artists aren't the only two stars that will be joining Biden and Harris as they make history on the world stage.

Loveable actor Tom Hanks will host a 90-minute primetime television special celebrating Biden's inauguration.

Also joining the pop stars include other performers like Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and Ant Clemons.

Timberlake will be performing a song called "Better Days" at the inauguration.

Also included in the ceremony is an invocation address by Father Leo O'Donovan, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Andrea Hall, a poetry reading by Amanda Gorman and a benediction from Reverend Dr. Silvester Beaman.

How will this inauguration look different?

Following the failed coup attempt on the Capitol on January 6, the Biden Inauguration team has taken precautions to avoid an almost certain rehashing of violent protesters from outgoing president Donald Trump.

The inauguration is designated as a “national special security event," which allows for multi-level communications between different agencies in DC, like Capitol Police, Pentagon, Homeland Security and District-area police.

Over 10,000 National Guard troops have been called to the Capitol ahead of the inauguration, just as the Army is conducting background searches of Secret Service officials and others in law enforcement who will be working on Inauguration Day.

"I'm not afraid of taking the oath outside," Biden said on Monday after he was asked about the ongoing threats that far-right extremists have been making about returning during his inauguration.

"I think it's critically important that there be a real serious focus on holding those folks who engaged in sedition and threatened people's lives, defaced public property, caused great damage, that they be held accountable," he added.

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