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DESPITE the high-profile nature of Melanie Hall's murder her killer has never been found.

The crime took place almost three decades ago, but is the case still open?

Who was suspected of killing Melanie Hall?

In June 1996, Melanie Hall, 25, disappeared following a night out at Cadillacs nightclub in Bath.

Tragically, 13 years after she vanished without a trace, Melanie's remains were discovered in a bin bag on the edge of the M5 motorway in October 2009.

A worker discovered a plastic bag containing bones while he was cleaning on the side of a slip road near Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.

Despite the discovery leading to a new breakthrough for police investigating the case – they were still no closer to catching her killer.

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Everything we know about the family of Melanie Hall


Everything we know about Melanie Hall and what happened to her

By 2019, those investigating Melanie's disappearance and death had made 11 arrests – although no one has ever been charged with her murder.

Speaking about Melanie's death, her sister Dominique told The Sun: "I feel really cross that Mel lost her life and we had ours turned upside down by someone else. I wonder if they have any thought or compassion for what they have done, I doubt it.

"I feel incredibly sad for Mel, that she never got to have her life… a career, love, the joy of having children etc.

"I hate not knowing what happened. I know she had significant injuries, but I hope and pray that whatever happened it was quick for her, or that there was only one person involved not a gang or something awful like that.

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"Obviously, I have no idea what happened to her. All I know is that she was incredibly kind and trusting and I’ve often said that, because of this, she might have trusted the wrong person that night. Almost like her naivety was her own demise."

Is Melanie Hall's case still open?

Yes, Melanie Hall's case is still open.

Supt James Riccio, who is leading the investigation into Melanie’s murder had talked about how a documentary about the crime may encourage people to come forward with information.

He said: “Just one small piece of information could solve this case and help us uncover the truth about what happened to Melanie that night.

“My team and I continue to be humbled by the courage, bravery and support that Melanie’s family have shown over the years and we desperately want to find answers for them.

“We will always be led by the evidence but based on the information we have amassed and meticulously reviewed, based on the 6,000 plus investigative actions, 2,000 statements, the accounts, the intelligence, the deposition location, I’m of the belief that Melanie did know her killer."

An E-fit was released as part of a public appeal back in 1996 which was said to have been on a man who was with Melanie in Cadillacs nightclub.

Riccio said the police are still interested in finding out who this man isas it is still a focus of their appeal.

The police also received reports of a woman, potentially matching Melanie’s description, arguing with a man around the corner from the nightclub entrance, between 1.45am and 2am.

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