Wife of Amanda Owen's lover rumbled their affair when she found a note

Jilted wife, 56, of Amanda Owen’s new lover, 71, rumbled their affair when she found note from the Yorkshire Shepherdess in his car that read: ‘Life is too short and happiness is too rare’

  • Amanda Owen, 48, and businessman Robert Davies, 71, first met five years ago 
  • His wife Yasumi discovered a love note from Owen to Davies only one year ago
  • Yasumi was ‘completely blindsided’ after he confessed to an affair with the star 

The jilted wife of Amanda Owen’s new lover rumbled their affair when she found an intimate note from the Yorkshire Shepherdess in his car. 

The handwritten note by Owen, 48, and addressed to web designer Robert Davies, 71, reads: ‘Life is too short & happiness is too rare. I love you.’ 

The clandestine five-year fling between the star and Mr Davies began as she rose to fame on the TV hit Our Yorkshire Farm. 

But yesterday the shepherdess was accused of living a TV lie by the devastated wife of her lover Yasumi Davies, who told The Sun: ‘I’ve lost everything.’ 

Yasumi, 56, discovered the affair only a year ago when the love letter was found inside a paper bag in the boot of Mr Davies’ car as she cleaned it. 

Jilted wife Yasumi Davies (left) rumbled the affair between Amanda Owen (right) and Robert Davies when she found an intimate note from the Yorkshire Shepherdess in his car

The handwritten note from Owen to Robert Davies (pictured) reads: ‘Life is too short & happiness is too rare. I love you’ 

The wife, an investment banker from Tokyo, recognised the handwriting from a signed copy of Owen’s new book. 

According to The Sun, she then discovered some of Owen’s jewellery hidden in a box in their bedroom, including a necklace she had worn on TV which read: ‘Together forever.’ 

Yasumi, who married Mr Davies on Christmas Day in 2011 following a whirlwind romance, later uncovered a key chain which said: ‘Unbridled love. R & A.’

Mr Davies, whose eldest daughter is the same age as Amanda, instantly confessed to the affair when Yasumi confronted her husband, who has had five wives. 

Mother-of-nine Owen attracted thousands of adoring fans as the series documented her farming life – earning her more than £1million.  

Details of the shocking affair came out almost a year after she and her co-star husband Clive, 68, announced their unanticipated split. 

The devastated wife of Owen’s new lover was left ‘blindsided’ after he left her for the TV star, her friends told MailOnline

Owen confirmed she had separated from her husband of 21 years Clive, 68, last summer, and they share nine children together. Pictured: The couple in 2020 

In an interview with The Sun today, Yasumi said: ‘He rang Amanda in front of me and told her I knew about their affair and that it was over.

‘He said they’d been having an affair for a few years. But instead of acknowledging the pain I was suffering, he was more concerned about protecting her TV career.

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‘She didn’t care how I felt and didn’t show any compassion.

‘I’d watched Our Yorkshire Farm and couldn’t help but be impressed by her.

‘She portrayed herself as a wife and a mother, devoted to family, hard-working and an inspiration to others. But she’s been lying to the British public and living a double life.’ 

Mr Davies then ended the phone call and seemingly his relationship with Owen, but was seeing the shepherdess again within a month. 

The father has since moved away from his family home with Yasumi in Malton, North Yorkshire, and was pictured with Owen at an event in Folkestone, Kent. 

Yasumi, who broke down in tears during the interview, said: ‘I wonder if she has ever thought about my feelings?

‘I didn’t know anything and I was alone.

‘I had no suspicions about them. I thought it was purely about business.’ 

Yasumi and Mr Davies met in Tokyo in 2011 when Mr Davies was visiting family. 

After exchanging emails, they grew closer after Japan’s earthquake which killed nearly 20,000 people one month later. 

Mr Davies and Yasumi met in Tokyo in 2011 and were married on Christmas Day that year after a whirlwind romance

Jan Coates, 72, the fourth of Mr Davies’ spouses, revealed he ‘hasn’t changed in two decades’ as he proceeds to ‘get married, have an affair and move on’

Yasumi said the businessman was ‘really kind’ until 2018 when she noticed a sudden change in his behaviour towards her after he started working with Amanda on her farming website. 

Meanwhile, Mr Davies’ fourth wife, 72-year-old Jane Coates, said their marriage broke down in 2001 after he cheated two years in.

Mrs Coates said: ‘That’s what he does, gets married, has an affair and moves on.

‘He is very charming but he is also very ruthless in the way he treats people. I think he gets bored easily.’ 

Meanwhile, a source close to Yasumi recently said: ‘She is absolutely heartbroken by what’s happened. She can’t believe it. 

‘She gave up a career in banking after meeting Rob in Tokyo and he persuaded her to leave all of her family and friends in Japan to start a new life with him in the UK.’ 

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