Woman, 21, with extreme dairy allergy dies after two bites of ‘vegan’ tiramisu

A woman has died after taking two bites of a tiramisu at an Italian restaurant.

Anna Bellisario, 21, had an extreme dairy allergy which led to a nasty reaction, despite the dessert claiming to be vegan.

She and her boyfriend went to the fast food restaurant a couple of weeks ago to enjoy a treat.

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According to local media reports, Bellisario suffered a fatal allergic reaction after just two bites.

The restaurant in question specialised in vegan dishes, meaning nothing should have contained any traces of dairy, eggs or milk.

Bellisario was a fashion student, who had a very strong egg and dairy allergy she had since birth, and reportedly regularly attended the restaurant.

She attended with her boyfriend and both had mains with no problem or reaction. After their first course, Bellisario decided to order a tiramisu off of the menu.

It is reported by her boyfriend that she clearly stated her allergies and asked to see a list of allergens in the dish. The only thing listed were “traces of nuts” meaning the pair thought it was safe.

Bellisario then started feeling weird after just two bites of the dessert.

A rash quickly appeared as well as a coughing fit and subsequent difficulty breathing. She rushed to the bathroom in order to make herself vomit, but could not do so.

Despite taking allergy medication, nothing could help Bellisario. She lost consciousness and was rushed into San Raffaele Hospital on February 5.

She was then in a coma for 10 days before tragically passing away.

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Reportedly, the tiramisu was the reason for her anaphylactic shock.

The Italian Ministry of Health has said that this pre-made dessert has been recalled from 63 restaurants over Italy.

In other tiramisu products from the same brand, traces of milk protein were also identified.

As well as that, there have been traces of egg found in the mayonnaise of the sandwich that Bellisario had for her main dish.

Prosecutors in Milan have started gathering evidence for a manslaughter case against both the restaurant and the tiramisu suppliers.

The prosecutors have also ordered an autopsy for Bellisario, which is believed to be taking place over the next few days.

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