Woman ‘humiliated’ after showing up as ‘obnoxious tourist’ on first date

A woman has warned singletons not to ignore red flags as she opened up to share the time when her date asked her to "dress up" for him.

Amelia Samson, recalled her first date with a "cute and smart" man and said she was pretty excited about it.

She says in a viral TikTok video: "He had this idea of dressing in a theme as an ice breaker for our first date and he's like 'let's dress up like really obnoxious tourists' and I love that idea!

"I'm always down for a theme – any theme party, I'm going over the top."

The content creator explains at that she was in the middle of moving houses so she had to improvise and come up with an outfit.

Then she shows a picture of herself wearing a yellow tinted sunglasses.

"Did I let that stop me?" Amelia continues. "No, I borrowed my dad's shirt.

"I walked into the restaurant and he is not in theme, and I was like 'you're not in theme'.

"He was like 'yeah…I was kidding'.

But Amelia was too committed to the theme party that she decided to keep the sunglasses on and the fanny pack on throughout the entire date.

Despite knowing fully that it was a red flag to her, the hopeful singleton went out with her date again.

"He ended it because he said that I was too political because I asked him if he voted. I might be political but at least I'm not boring, pumpkin."

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Some women showed support to Amelia and even gave tips to her on what to do if she is in the same situation next time.

One wrote: "The moment I saw he wasn't in theme, I would've said 'sorry I'm looking for a fellow tourist' and walked out."

"He embarrassed you on purpose, on a first date," a second wrote. "Throw the whole man away."

A third added: "My guess is that he wasn't kidding, he just chickened out."

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