Woman who saw husband in restaurant video says there’s ‘no doubt’ it’s him

The mystery behind a "new" video that showed a widow's "dead" relatives alive and well has deepened – after one of those caught on camera spoke out.

A widow is in “no doubt” that the person she saw in a restaurant’s promo video was her late husband who passed away in 2014.

Lucy Mason asked in a Facebook comment on a promo video by Spice Cottage in Westbourne, West Sussex, when footage of the restaurant was taken given that her husband passed away nine years ago.

The restaurant’s Facebook page replied, saying that all the footage used in the video was taken the week before she commented.

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Bodrum Islam, manager of Spice Cottage, told The Daily Star that the video was created to highlight the restaurant’s recent refurbishment.

Despite this, Lucy told the MailOnline that she recognised her husband, Harry, the moment she saw the video: “There was no doubt in my mind it was my husband. I couldn't pause the thing so I had to replay it about 30 times and each time I was surer and surer."

She saw her late husband, who was an acclaimed journalist before his death, eating a chicken korma in the video.

Lucy added: “I thought "Oh my God – that's Harry". It was so instant. I didn't even have to think. He'd be eating a chicken korma because that's all he ever ate”.

The widow said that Harry died in hospital in 2014 while waiting for a liver transplant.

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The father-of-three was a journalist who won awards covering The Troubles in Northern Ireland, before he changed careers and worked as a music journalist at the now-defunct magazine Melody Maker.

Lucy said he became good friends with Queen guitarist Brian May after writing an official book on the band.

The bizarre situation with Lucy and Spice Cottage led many online to cook up wild theories about how this could have happened.

Several social media users said they believed it to be a promotional hoax designed to lure interest in the restaurant.

Other cracked jokes at the situation, with one Facebook user saying: “I was there on this day and the flat bread that I ordered arrived after our main course, it was my late naan."


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