Energy-boosting buys for tired bodies and unhappy skin

If you’ve been partying too much and are craving a bit of self-love, or maybe just fancy a bit of a bit of a boost, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you want a new vitamin-fuelled lease of life or some calming herbal tea, we’ve got you covered with these brilliant buys that will wrap you in self-care love.

So why not invest in yourself today?

Dr Hauschka’s Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic

Featuring the scent of rosemary and the nourishing properties of borage, Dr Hauschka’s Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic is a win for tired limbs.

Perfect for anyone who spends time sitting or standing, it helps enliven swollen limbs and works when travelling or through pregnancy.

Buy it for £27 from Dr Hauschka.

Together Health’s Organic B12 supplement

Want to run into autumn like a puppy in leaves? Together Health’s Organic B12 supplement comes from natural sources including shiitake and oyster mushrooms, making it more available to the body. One capsule provides the daily amount.

Buy it for £9.49 from Together Health.

Boy Smells Candle

Grace Jones certainly makes me feel energised and now the artist has put her uplifting vibes in a candle for cult label Boy Smells. With top notes of bergamot and black pepper, the scent includes notes of salty musks, wet stones and robust Jamaican flora.

Buy it for £54 from Space NK.

Pukka Herbs’ Winter Warmer

Pukka Herbs’ new Winter Warmer is a 100 per cent organic, seasonal blend of the finest festive flavours that will both stimulate and comfort through the coming months.

Caffeine-free, it’s none the less stimulating, containing citrusy orange peel, lemon balm, ginger, rooibos, cinnamon, black peppercorn, star anise and clove. Put the kettle on.

Buy it for £2.50 from Waitrose.

Peep Club’s Heated Eye Wand

Studies have found heat to be beneficial for eyes, which is good news for Peep Club’s Heated Eye Wand, which has been two years in the upgrade stage. Handheld technology rejuvenates eyes in minutes, improving tired dry eyes.

Buy it for £60 from Peep Club.

Nivea’s Q10 Energy Healthy Glow Day Cream

Give yourself some good face energy with Nivea’s Q10 Energy Healthy Glow Day Cream. Enriched with Vitamins C and E as well as Q10, expect skin to appear less dull and tired-looking within two weeks. Also contains SPF15 to keep skin looking it’s best.

Buy it for £8.66 from Boots.

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