This $10 Nail Serum Can Undo a Lifetime of Damage

Not to be dramatic, but dry, brittle, won't-grow-no-matter-how-hard-you-try-nails are one of the most frustrating human conditions imaginable. If you're the sort of person who was born with nails that crack, break, peel, and never seem to look as solid and shiny as anyone else's, you know the unique sort of nail-oriented rage of which we speak, and have perhaps even convinced yourself that resistance is futile. 

Before you give up the fight and succumb to the will of the garbage nail gods, consider this: Sally Hansen's Moisture Rehab Treatment is only $10 on Amazon, and it's beloved by nearly everyone who tries it.

We know what you're thinking. You've tried all the paint-on nail treatments before, and none of them made a lick of difference. The thing is, Sally Hansen's Moisture Rehab Treatment isn't like all the other girls. Think of her as a paint-on moisturizing serum for your nails, somewhere between a greasy cuticle cream and a thickening polish. You paint the product on your bare nails like polish, but then instead of waiting for it to dry, you rub it in. You can even slather it all over your cuticles, too. Unlike cuticle oil, it leaves behind zero residue and feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Repeat the process every night for about a week, and the results speak for themselves.

Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Treatment

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Moisture Rehab is enriched with black orchid, acai, and algae extracts — all of which provide a heavy dose of moisture to the nails and cuticles, essentially injecting them with what they need to thrive. It's parched paw rehabilitation in a bottle, and considering how effective it is, it's no surprise that so many Amazon shoppers are thrilled with the results. 

"After having thin weak nails all my life that are made worse with the use of nail varnish," writes one shopper, "at last I have found a product that works. It is easily applied with no mess and my nails have never been better, it took less than a week to see a difference. Thoroughly recommend."

Another customer found Moisture Rehab after destroying their nails with a product that was supposed to have made them better. (Who among us hasn't had this catastrophic trial and error?) With diligent application, this nail serum turned things around. 

"I had damaged my nails using a product that was supposed to make them stronger," they write. "Instead, after only using it for a couple of months, my nails were splitting and peeling worse than ever. After using as directed (daily at night only) for only a couple of weeks, I began to see improvement. I have been using this product faithfully every night for about a month. My nails are so much better. I highly recommend it."

And another satisfied shopper found the serum after a run with acrylic nails, which certainly contribute to dryness and breaking. They had such pronounced results, a coworker commented on the state of her nails. That's right: Moisture Rehab takes shamefully cracked, nubby nails to nails that get noticed. 

"I loved this product!" the happy shopper explains. "My nails were ruined from acrylic nails and now they're so much better after a few applications. After a week, my nails were so smooth!! My coworker couldn't believe it when she felt my nail beds. I swear by this stuff!"

Finally, Moisture Rehab has such a profound impact on the people who use it, it's become an influencer in and of itself. "This stuff is what miracles are made of," writes one five-star reviewer. "I've taken to carrying it around and any time someone I know has naked nails I make them use it."

If you've got major nail issues, don't wait for someone to come around with a little blue bottle. Grab one of your own for $10 on Amazon and spread the gospel of moisturization yourself.

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