You Should Never Pluck Armpit Hair. Here’s Why

Tweezing may be a quick-and-easy way to remove unwanted facial hair or body hair, but it’s not exactly “the safest or most effective way” to do so — even if it is cheaper (via Healthline). And, plucking armpit hair is no exception. Sure, you can pluck your armpit hair, but it’s definitely not recommended. Why? Because it’s painful, time-consuming, and if done incorrectly, could cause irritation, ingrown hairs, or scarring (via

“If your tweezers are not sharp enough, or you have to go over the same area multiple times, it can result in scraping and gauging the skin,” Sofia Bianca Farnesi, co-founder of The Naked Hare Group tells Woman and Home. “This damage can lead to scabs and possible scarring.” Farnesi only suggests plucking when dealing with “a small surface area,” like eyebrows, because the length of time it would take to yank out each underarm hair could cause the sensitive area to “become irritated.”

So, what’s the best way to achieve a sleek, smooth armpit? Keep reading. 

Alternative ways to get rid of armpit hair

Fortunately, there are other ways to remove underarm hair, including (but not limited to) waxing, shaving, and using hair removal creams such as Nair or Veet (via The American Academy of Dermatology). Even so, hair removal comes with some side effects. If you’ve never used wax as a method of hair removal or have sensitive skin, for example, you may experience itching, redness, or small bumps following your first application (via Healthline). 

While removing underarm hair may seem like a difficult task to DIY, if you’re vigilant, follow the instructions, and prep the area beforehand, you should be fine (via One Medical). If you’re really worried, however, you can always seek the advice of a local salon professional — many salons offer threading and waxing services. In the end, choosing the best method of hair removal depends on your skin type, budget, and personal preference. 

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