Adele & Harry Styles turned down the Palace’s offers to perform at the Jubbly

During the Queen’s Platinum Jubbly, I mostly just covered the relevant royal stories since the event was, you know, so royal-focused. I didn’t talk much about the concert at Buckingham Palace or what was actually going on with any celebrities. Mostly, I didn’t care and I didn’t recognize some of the names of the performers at the concert, although the concert did include such big-name talent as Rod Stewart, Elton John and Ed Sheeran as well. The UK has their own “local” celebrities and musical artists, people who are mega-stars within Britain and nowhere else, and many of those types were included too. But what about the other British mega-stars who are famous around the world? What about Adele or Harry Styles? They did not perform or participate in the Jubbly in any way. Harry is on tour, Adele is… raising her child in LA. The Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential column tries to make this into a scandal.

She was the humble Londoner who grew up in a small flat above a discount furniture store, but now Adele is so grand that she turned down the Queen. I hear that the organisers of the Party at the Palace asked the Los Angeles-based superstar to perform at the concert held to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

‘They were told she couldn’t do it,’ a source tells me. ‘Scheduling issues, or something like that, were given as an excuse. It caused a lot of surprise, particularly as she was awarded an MBE. After all, how many chances will there be to perform in front of Buckingham Palace for the Queen?’

And Adele, 34, is not the only British mega-star to snub the monarch. I can disclose that Harry Styles also rejected the opportunity to sing in front of a global audience of millions. A source close to the 28-year-old former One Direction star confirms: ‘He was asked.’

Pop superstars who did perform included Ed Sheeran, Sir Elton John, Sir Rod Stewart and Queen.

Adele could not be reached for comment, while a spokesman for Styles declines to discuss the snub. However, a source close to him claims: ‘He could not participate because of timing with his schedule.’

A spokesman for the BBC, which organised the concert, declines to comment.

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Interesting that Eden’s sources are talking about this openly, that Adele and Harry Styles got the approach and both turned down the palace and the BBC. This is funny: “Styles also rejected the opportunity to sing in front of a global audience of millions…” Harry Styles can perform in front of millions whenever he wants. He can perform in front of millions whenever he goes to an award show or streams his concert. Same for Adele. They don’t need the palace to “give” them an audience of millions. The mention of Adele’s MBE is especially tacky and transactional from those palace sources.

Personally, I do think Adele is sort of… uninterested in the royal trappings at this point. She’s been publicly supportive of Prince Harry (her favorite) and she seemingly chose to give an exclusive interview to Oprah after the Sussexes’ interview. As for Harry, I doubt he thinks about royalty much at all. Ed Sheeran though, he does a lot of royal-adjacent stuff. He does want an MBE or CBE out of it.

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