Alex Rodriguez Is In A World Of Pain. Here’s Why

Some people move on from their breakups pretty easily, whereas others get caught up in their heartbreak — and it seems like Alex Rodriguez may fit into the latter of those two categories. 

Since 2017, A-Rod had been part of one of Hollywood’s most iconic power couples alongside Jennifer Lopez. According to Elle, the couple made their first red carpet appearance together at the 2017 Met Gala, solidifying their status as a hot new couple. As the months and eventually years went by, Rodriguez and Lopez seemed to be going strong, and they even got engaged in 2019.

Much to fans’ disappointment, however, their love did not last, and by April 2021, the two officially announced their split. While the breakup was disappointing, it was not incredibly surprising, as speculation of A-Rod cheating and trouble in paradise had been circulating for months. Needless to say, it seems that Rodriguez clung to hope that he would get back together with Lopez — until her ex, Ben Affleck, shockingly entered the picture, that is.

In April and May 2021, reports have run rampant that Lopez and Affleck are rekindling their romance, and fans are pretty excited about the news. Rodriguez, on the other hand, is not incredibly thrilled about it. Keep reading to learn how Lopez and Affleck’s reunion has left Rodriguez in pain.

Alex Rodriguez is still reeling from Jennifer Lopez's reunion with Ben Affleck

Despite breaking up and releasing a joint statement about it in April 2021, it seems that Alex Rodriguez may have been hoping for a reunion with Jennifer Lopez.

Well, J.Lo definitely did seek out a reunion — just not with A-Rod. Instead, reports have run wild with stories that Lopez has reunited with her ex-fiance Ben Affleck, and the two are not slowing down anytime soon. Rodriguez, meanwhile, is apparently reeling from the news that Lopez is possibly getting back with her ex.

“Alex is still very sore and in a world of pain,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that “it’s the first time anyone can remember him being dumped like this, at least publicly.” The insider goes on to explain how hard it has been for Rodriguez seeing Lopez back with Affleck: “Seeing her running straight back to Ben’s arms is a real kick in the teeth,” they explained. “There’s a part of him that still clings onto the hope that they’ll wind up together again but deep down he’s had to accept the harsh truth that she’s over him and moving on with Ben. It’s a tough pill to swallow but that’s his new reality.”

Neither Lopez, Rodriguez, nor Affleck have directly commented on any of the relationship rumors, so until then, it’s safe to say that the love triangle drama will continue!

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