Alicia Silverstone slips back into Clueless role for Super Bowl ad

Alicia Silverstone dons iconic Clueless co-ord for age-defying look in new Super Bowl ad

The 90s legend revived the Cher fervor as she reprised her role almost three decades later for a Rakuten Super Bowl advert.

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The 90s legend revived the Cher fervor as she reprised her role almost three decades later for a Rakuten Super Bowl advert.

As teasers whip fans into a frenzy, the full advert is set to air during the 2023 Super Bowl taking place on February 12.

Fans were stunned not just by the star’s return, but her ageless appearance, with one questioning on YouTube: “She looks so young still! Wow. Is this AI deep fake or is that really her face?” (sic)

Alicia, 46, starred as Cher Horowitz alongside Stacey Dash, who played Dionne Davenport, in the classic flick that rocketed them both to stardom.

In the decades since Clueless, both Alicia and Stacey have largely retreated from Hollywood, opting for some different careers.

Alicia still makes some guest appearances but has also became a published author, while Stacey embarked on a career with Fox News and filed to run for congress in 2018, although she later withdrew from the race.

Alicia Silverstone sent fans into a frenzy as she reprised her role

The actress reclaimed her iconic Cher attitude for the Rakuten ad, walking to the front of a classroom and saying: “Don’t bug. Your girl is back.”

Alicia teased her upcoming advert a few days earlier, sharing a clip of her bringing back the iconic

As the actress stringed some bubblegum from her mouth in a TikTok, fans quickly shared their theories about a Clueless sequel being released.

While 90s fans were elated, some younger movie-goers couldn’t pick up the references

One questioned Alicia’s TikTok writing: “What does she play in, isn’t she an actor?” while another told the actress to ignore it adding: “These youngins on here just don’t get it!!” (sic)

The actress has also since become a published author

Alicia released her first book, The Kind Diet, in 2009 followed by The Kind Mama in 2014.

Alicia has been immortalised in the minds of fans as Cher Horowitz

The iconic fashion and memorable one-liners from Clueless has left its mark on pop culture.

In 2018 the hit film was transformed into a hit musical

Alicia’s iconic role was taken over by singer and actress Dove Cameron, 27, for the off-Broadway production.

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