Amy Walsh says sister Kimberley has packed her hospital bag ahead of birth of first child

While you can never fully prepare for what childbirth will bring, packing your hospital bag is a rite of passage for most pregnant women. But Emmerdale's Amy Walsh, who confesses she's the 'most disorganised person you'll ever meet', hasn't quite got around to it yet.

Despite being due around Christmas, the soap star still hasn't got the things she might need for labour and delivery together. So her elder sister, former Girls Aloud star Kimberley, herself a mum of three, stepped in and offered to do it for her.

Speaking after her baby shower – covered exclusively by OK! – Amy told us: "My mum said to do it so at least that’s one thing sorted and then Kimberley said, 'Well, actually I wanted to do it for you,' so Kimberley has made up my hospital bag for me.

She also added that Kimberly did the same favour for their sister Sally, using the same suitcase, making it a wonderful family tradition.

Amy told us: "She did it for Sally and now they’ve passed on the same suitcase to me and restocked it. Kimberley showed me all the bits I needed and said I just need to add my personal bits."

Amy, who plays Tracy Metcalfe on Emmerdale, revealed there was another reason why she was keen to get her hospital bag ticked off her list.

"A couple of people who’ve had premature babies told me to get sorted," she said.

The star went on to reveal that rather than being nervous she was 'weirdly excited' for labour but that she's sure she'll change her tune once it actually starts.

Amy, 34, explained: 'I’m sure everyone who’s been through it reading this will laugh but it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience. I’ve always felt I was made to do it. I’m very aware of how scary it could be so I know it won’t be a bed of roses.

The thought of Amy going through labour is no doubt all the more poignant as Amy always thought she would be unable to have children.

The star is also she's looking forward to sharing the magical moments with her partner, EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith, 30.

She revealed: "I'm looking forward to going through that journey with Toby. We’re a really good team and I know we’ll thrive off whatever is thrown our way. We’re just starting our online antenatal classes."

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