Anthony Hopkins, 85, dances in kitchen while preparing Italian food

Anthony Hopkins, 85, shares his ‘Sunday vibe’ and dances up a storm in kitchen while preparing Italian food

He’s one of Britain’s most recognizable and prolific actors, known for his riveting performances on both the stage and screen over the course of seven decades.

But on Sunday, while cooking up a storm in his kitchen, Sir Anthony Hopkins showed off the lighter side of his personality by doing a little rumba dancing in a video shared on his TikTok and Instagram pages.

Standing in between his chrome oven and kitchen island, the Welsh actor kicked right into his animated version, complete with his hands and arms snapping along about chest high, as he moved his body to his left.

He appeared to be very focused on the beat, groove and lyrics of Mambo Italiano, considering his eyes were closed at times, while the music and lyrics seemed to wash over him during his dance.

After stepping along to the music to his left, the two-time Academy Award winner, 85, reversed his direction by the time he reached his oven, and then proceeded to dance a few steps to his right, all while he seemed to mouth some of the lyrics.

Busting his moves: Sir Anthony Hopkins, 85, showed off his ‘Sunday vibe’ and danced while he cooked in his kitchen, along to the song Mambo Italiano (1954)

It appears as though Hopkins had begun preparing and cooking an Italian dish, from the looks of some of the ingredients sitting on the kitchen island.

Feeling the vibe of the moments, compliments of the smells and aroma in the air, the man who has played serial killer and cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter three times in his illustrious career decided to play the classic tune.

Off the top of the clip, the male crooner can be heard singing: ‘try an enchilada with a fish baccala, hey goomba, I love how you dance rumba,’ all while he continued to bust his moves. 

Dressed casually in black sweatpants and a matching top, the four-time BAFTA winner broke out into a beaming smile towards the end of his exhibition, then looked straight towards the camera and began to walk out of the kitchen.

‘Hey goomba do you like how I dance the rumba…? Sunday vibe,’ Sir Anthony, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to drama in 1993, wrote in the caption. 

It appears his dancing in the kitchen escapades was a big hit with many of his social media fans and followers considering all the positive comments the clip inspired.

‘Love you’ along with ‘the best actor in the world’ and ‘this made my heart smile’ seemed to sum up many of the people who commented on the dancing video.

While many admirers just shared about how overjoyed they were to see him with a simple few words, some of his 3.2 million TikTok followers also offered up a suggestion or two.

In a trance: The Silence Of The Lambs star seemed to get into the music, beat and lyrics, considering his eyes were closed for much of his dance exhibition

Make that move: The acclaimed actor danced to his left and then a couple steps to his right, dressed in black sweatpants and matching top

Cooking a storm: Hopkins got a slew of positive responses from his millions of fans and followers on TikTok and Instagram: ‘Nothing like dancing while you cook,’ wrote one person

‘Suddenly I need @Anthony Hopkins and @Stanley Tucci hanging out in a kitchen talking Italian food,’ one man wrote, in a reference the actor’s show Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.

‘Nothing like dancing while you cook,’ wrote another person, while many others would also acknowledge his dancing with lines like: ‘Got some moves going on Sir Anthony Hopkins!’

Of course, there were also plenty of comments that referenced what many consider his most recognizable role: ‘omg! Never thought Dr.Lecter would ever act like this! 

Hopkins played the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter first in the acclaimed horror thriller film The Silence Of The Lambs (1991), and then again in Hannibal (2001) and Red Dragon (2002).

The song playing in the video, Mambo Italiano, was originally written by Bob Merrill in 1954 for Rosemary Clooney.

Playtime: The actor showed off his playful side by sharing about his ‘Sunday vibe’

Trending: Hopkins has previously shared videos of himself dancing on his social media platforms

It appears as though Hopkins was spot on in his choice to play the tune while cooking Italian food.

In his clip, there’s some pasta that’s sitting on the counter, along with a bottle of what appears to be olive oil, which are staples to the Italian cuisine.

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