Apprentice star Akshay has been the director of FIVE failed companies

EXCLUSIVE: Apprentice star Akshay Thakrar, 28, who claimed his first word as a newborn was ‘profit’ has been the director of FIVE failed companies

Apprentice hopeful Akshay Thakrar has been a director of five failed companies, it can be revealed. 

Digital Marketing Agency owner Thakrar, 28, first tried his hand at setting up a record label before the firm folded in July 2013. 

The London-based digital marketing consultant then set up a firm called Vivid Records Ltd while he was a student. 

Not a great track record: Apprentice hopeful Akshay Thakrar has been a director of five failed companies, it can be revealed

The firm was incorporated in November 2011 but was dissolved via compulsory strike-off 19 months later without filing accounts. No reason was given for the move but it is usually initiated when directors fail to file paperwork on time. 

In April 2014, he was one of two directors of an advertising agency called Silver Crescent Media Ltd, along with Pareet Shah. 

It posted two sets of accounts in 2015 which showed that cash at the bank had dwindled demo £20,330 to just £509 in just over seven months. 

The value of the firm’s total assets also fell from £1,603 to £509 before the company was voluntarily dissolved in March 2016. 

Boss: Akshay (centre right) took on PM duties on the boy’s team during the first task last week but ended up on the losing side 

Thakrar, who jokes his first word as a newborn was ‘profit’, set up Aumetric Media Ltd, which described itself as being involved in retail mail, order sales and advertising, in October 2014. 

His appointment was terminated in January 2016 and the firm applied to be struck off the official register of companies four months later. It filed accounts covering 2015 that showed it has £566 in the bank and net liabilities of £2,154. 

He and pal Shah also set up Nativelabs Ltd in July 2015 which was voluntarily dissolved in September 2016. Thakrar stood down as a director in January 2016 and the firm posted accounts as a dormant company in June 2016. 

Its balance sheet covering the 11 months to 31 May 2016 showed that it has assets worth £4, which was the amount of cash in its bank account. 

Jet-setter: Thakrar, who jokes his first word as a newborn was ‘profit’, Akshay speaks seven languages and is able to connect with everyone, therefore ‘can sell anything to anyone.

Team: Digital Marketing Agency owner Thakrar, 28, first tried his hand at setting up a record label before the firm folded in July 2013 (pictured center with co-stars Alex Short and Navid Sole)

Big dreams: He is currently director of an advertising firm called AMT BD International Ltd was was incorporated on 17 March last year

In March 2017 he was appointed as a director of another advertising agency called Roq Media Ltd but the firm applied to be struck off the register in July 2017 without filing accounts. 

He is currently director of an advertising firm called AMT BD International Ltd was was incorporated on 17 March last year.

A source said: ‘Akshay will be hoping Lord Sugar doesn’t look too closely at his business back catalogue.’ 

Describing himself as ‘put on this earth to make money’ Akshay speaks seven languages and is able to connect with everyone, therefore ‘can sell anything to anyone.’ 

A representative for Akshay has been contacted by MailOnline for comment. 

Akshay was the Project Manager for the boy’s team during the first task on the latest series of The Apprentice, which hit screens last week.

Comeback: The Apprentice returned with a splash on Thursday after the series was rested for two years due to the Covid pandemic

The first episode of series 16 kicked off with a challenge on a cruise ship, with the candidates split into teams and tasked with designing an advertising campaign for a destination cruise.

Yet ultimately it was the boys team were unable to stay afloat, with their cruise logo compared to a turd, while Harry Mahmood ended up becoming the first candidate to be fired. 

After being thrown in the deep end during the first task, the remaining candidates will face a host of equally daunting challenges ahead as relationships are tested and competitive drive is flared.

Stern: Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar was left unimpressed with both teams at the end of the cruise ship task

Hilarious: The boys’ logo also didn’t go down well, with one person remarking it looked like ‘projectile vomit’, while another noted it resembled a ‘turd’

The tasks include being launched into the world of children’s oral care, an adventurous brief to boost Welsh tourism with zip lines and steam trains – and the development of an original video game concept will also take things up another level. 

The budding entrepreneurs will also find themselves in the spotlight as they sell live on TV, negotiate fishy waters in Cornwall and navigate a racing inspired corporate away day at Silverstone.

There will be no easing gently back into boardroom life this series as Lord Sugar has made no secret that the stakes are higher than ever.

Each task will end with the candidates being summoned in to fight their corner in the boardroom, with one final opportunity to escape the firing line.  

The Apprentice airs on Thursday at 9pm on BBC One, followed by You’re Fired on BBC Two. Watch live and on-demand on BBC iPlayer.  



Occupation: Flight Operations Instructor 

Lives in: Chorley, Lancashire  

Key information: Having served in the RAF for 12 years as Flight Operations Instructor, Aaron has set out to start his own security business.  

He says: ‘My strongest point is that I can sell to anybody and I think that’s the reason why my business will be a success, because people will buy from me.’ 


Occupation: Owner, Digital Marketing Agency

Lives in: London 

Key information: Referring to himself as a man who believes sleeping is a ‘waste of time’ he also claims his first word as a newborn was ‘profit’.

 He says: ‘My friends call me AK 47 because I’m a killer salesperson.’ 


Occupation: Sales Executive and former Professional Rugby Player

Lives in: London 

Key information: Hard working and ‘hyper motivated by money’, ex rugby player Conor describes himself as a ‘corporate panther’ with a record for getting deals done and who will win this series. 

He says: ‘I’m going to be the corporate panther in the boardroom, I’m going to get it done, and I’m going to be Lord Sugar’s perfect business partner.’


Occupation: Pharmacist

Lives in: London 

Key information: Qualified pharmacist and Nicki Minaj superfan Navid aspires to create a successful pharmacy business with the help and expertise of Lord Sugar. 

He says: ‘Nothing intimidates me because I just feel like I’m a strong character, strong person, strong mindset.’ 



Occupation: Strategy Manager for a Financial Firm 

Lives in: London  

Key information: Akeem considers himself a people’s person who loves being around others, however as a ‘numbers guy’, his analytical ability often causes him to think carefully about his every move, as he claims he will come in with a ‘calculated point of view.’  

He says: ‘My growing up has made me who I am, I’m able to converse with everyone, but also able to show that financial, business side to myself.’ 


Occupation: Owner, Commercial Cleaning Company

Lives in: Hertford 

Key information: With big goals for his commercial cleaning business, Alex is driven, focused and is ‘not going to stop’ until he gets where he wants to go.  

He says: ‘I would compare myself to a Ferrari, shiny on the outside but under the bonnet, there is a lot of fire and I’m coming for you.’


Occupation: Regional Operations Manager

Lives in: West Midlands 

Key information: Inspired by the kindness of his grandparents, Harry wants to help and support people.  

He says: ‘Everything I’ve looked into achieving, I’ve achieved I’ve literally done everything I’ve put my mind to.’ 


 Occupation: Finance Manager

Lives in: London 

Key information: After ‘working in the shadow of his family’s business’, qualified accountant Nick hopes to make a name for himself in the drinks industry with his line of flavoured water. 

He says: ‘In business I’m a bit of a force to be reckoned with I know what I’m talking about, I know how things work, and I’m extremely experienced So, I’m a bit of an animal in the boardroom’ 





Occupation: Owner, beauty brand

Lives: London

Key information: Starting her beauty business a little later in life, Amy has now found what she really loves doing after previously working in sales, showbiz and jingles. 

She says: ‘I can be nice when I need to be, but when I unfortunately have to be a b***h, I will…’ 


Occupation: Hotel front of house manager

Lives: Bristol

Key information: Brittany is looking to break away from her hotel role and launch the first alcoholic protein drink, with Lord Sugar’s help. 

She says: ‘My motto for life is ‘always look on the bright side’ 


Occupation: Owner, sustainability company

Lives: Surrey

Key information: The eco-conscious, mathematics graduate is looking for investment in her next venture, providing a product carbon footprint service for businesses with a simple equation of her own creation.

She says: ‘There’s two types of people in the world- people that say they are going to do things and people that actually do them and I’m a doer’  


Occupation: Owner, dessert parlour 

Lives: West Yorkshire

Key information: Describing herself as a born leader, fearless and funny, Harpreet plans to ‘level up’ her successful, six-figure coffee and cakes business to become a leading brand in the UK.  

She says: ‘I’m definitely not in business to make friends. I’m here to make money, and I’m sure Lord Sugar isn’t looking for a new mate.


Occupation: Owner, online pyjama store

Lives: Swindon

Key information: Kathryn has worked a wide range of jobs from mortgage advisor to events manager. Describing herself as ambitious, kind, and often ‘savage’, she says she’s there to win, not to make friends.

She says: ‘My dreams in my head are absolutely huge and I believe I can achieve them.’  


Occupation: Owner, boutique cocktail bar

Lives: Cheltenham

Key information: Describing herself as ‘magical and enchanting’ Sophie even has a witch school qualification. She previously worked in sales and has huge renovation plans for her bar.

She says: ‘Failure is not an option. Winning is part of my DNA.’  



Occupation: Owner, online children’s store

Lives: Kent

Key information: With her East-London roots, the blonde is hoping to bond with Lord Sugar and match his no nonsense attitude towards business. She’s looking for funding to develop her designer store and be part of the growing pre-loved fashion industry.

She says: ‘I’ve got grit, determination and I’m determined to be successful.’  



Occupation: Owner, children’s day nursery

Lives: Bradford 

Key information: Shama already has a busy work life running her children’s day nursery as well as juggling life with five children at home. She is ready to prove she has the ‘skillset that is required to be one of the best, successful businesswomen in the early years sector.’ 

She says: ‘Being a lady of colour, wearing a headscarf as well and the challenges that we face on a daily basis, I just want to be a living example for the Asian women out there.’ 


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