Bebe Rexha posts a message from her ex-boyfriend: did he fat-shame her?

Bebe Rexha looks like the missing Kardashian sister – she’s short and curvy, and it often appears like her body type completely blows people’s minds. She’s a beautiful young woman, and she’s never going to be teeny-tiny because that’s not her body type, and that’s fine. Bebe is sensitive about other people commenting on her body, which everyone has been doing since she was a teenager, basically. She’s spoken about that at length over the years – how her record label told her to lose weight, how people are always commenting about her weight, how stylists and designers refuse to work with her because of her “size” (she was a size 8 at the time). Well, now it appears that Bebe has broken up with her boyfriend Keyan Sefyari because he “fat-shamed” her. That’s the headline, that he fat-shamed her. There’s nuance to the conversation though, which I’ll get into in a moment. Here’s the text which Keyan sent her, which apparently was part of the breakup:

I would be interested in reading the messages which came before this, just because I’m curious about the larger context and what sounds like a longer conversation about Bebe’s relationship with her body. Like, I think it’s valid to say “I love you and I think you have body dysmorphia and you should see a therapist.” Which is part of what he’s saying. But my radar is definitely pinging – there’s something passive-aggressive to this, which is why I wish she had given us more context. I would like to know what he said initially about her weight gain, which is seemingly what led to this message.

A good rule of thumb is… find other ways to be supportive other than “I’m just being honest about exactly how many pounds you’ve gained during our relationship!” He accuses her of “weaponizing her anger” (it sounds like she was simply angry) when really, he’s weaponized his “honesty.” The thing about weight gain is that we KNOW when we’ve gained weight and we’re dealing with that and we don’t need Mr. I’m Just Being Honest And Keeping It Real chiming in with “you’ve gained 35 pounds, your face has changed, get some therapy.” I’m going back and forth on this – as I said, I kind of need more context to determine whether this would fall under the “emotional abuse” category. One thing is for sure – if I received this message, I would also break up with the guy.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Bebe’s IG.

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