Bethenny Frankel Roasted for Flaunting ‘Idiotic’ Chanel Birdcage Bag

The ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ alum receives backlash shortly after she shares her ‘first and the best unboxing video ever’ wherein she brags about the ‘special’ handbag.

AceShowbizBethenny Frankel has found herself in hot water. After showing off her new Chanel birdcage bag, the former star of “The Real Housewives of New York City” was roasted by many social media users with one calling the bag “idiotic.”

The 52-year-old received backlash after she posted on Instagram a video documenting her unboxing the luxurious handbag which had unusual design. In the video, she could be seen treating her Instagram followers to a look at her new $20,000 bag. She even displayed the details of the bag which consisted of a golden birdcage-like bag, a small black bucket bag and golden chain. The birdcage design came with the fashion house’s logo embossed in the bottom and sparkling white stones.

In the clip, Bethenny, who appeared to be wearing pink pajamas with black zebra pattern, said, “This is so special that I think it requires my first real unboxing, for the first time ever.” She went on to share that her fiance Paul Bernon “likes things that are very unique and special and you’re not going to see everywhere.” She added, “He likes collectible items so he always asks me, ‘Is this a major bag alert?’ “

Bethenny called the designer piece “special” plenty of times in the video. In addition, the “Just B” podcast host deemed the bag “a piece of art.” She further bragged, “You can leave this on a coffee table, and I shall.” She also spilled about the bag, “There were very few that were ever made in the world.”

In the comments section of her Sunday, July 9 post, one Instagram user in particular wrote a lengthy comment that read, “If I remember correctly on your podcast you went on a lengthy rant regarding bloggers unboxing and flaunting high priced luxury items.”

“And how those bloggers were sending the wrong messages and were basically the downfall of our society,” the commenter continued. “Now, personally, I don’t mind it, it’s not real world for most but it’s fun to watch. Point is, pick a lane Bethany [sic] and practice what you preach.”

Another user, in the meantime, pointed out, “This is a bag? This is idiotic. I don’t see anything special about this even as a decoration. Pretty sure you can get the same exact one made in China for super cheap.” A third penned, “Now you’ve really lost me. You’re no longer that ‘hustler ‘ business woman that we all fell in love with years ago. You’re now just another extremely wealthy person with 1st world problems.”

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