Billie Eilish Just Stunned Fans With This Reveal

Billie Eilish is already having a big year. Fresh off her Grammy win for Best Record of the Year, the singer-songwriter surprised fans with a fresh new ‘do (via Cosmopolitan). On Instagram, Eilish revealed she is now rocking blonde hair with bangs versus her signature black hair with neon green roots. 

The reveal really was a shock for Eilish’s fans who just saw the 19-year-old singer performing live on the Grammys with her black-and-green hair just a few days prior. But it turns out, Eilish has been blonde for quite some time now. In an Instagram Q&A, Eilish admitted that the process to go blonde had actually started weeks before the big reveal.

When the “Everything I Wanted” singer was asked why she was keeping her blonde hair a secret, she said, “‘Cause it took six weeks to accomplish” (via People). Eilish even posted a photo of her first round of bleaching on her IG story along with the confession, which was back in January.

Billie Eilish wore wigs for weeks to hide her blonde hair

If you saw Billie Eilish with black-and-green hair after Jan. 16, 2021, you were seeing Eilish with a wig on. That’s because she had already started the long process to get to her now platinum blonde shade. Eilish even joked around about the wigs after her reveal by posting a TikTok of her pulling at one. She had posted a similar TikTok on Jan. 27 without the wig pull, which shows that she was already wearing wigs by then and tricking fans. 

Now, Eilish has taken her transformation one step further by getting a gorgeous shoulder bob cut with bangs (via InStyle). This new look signals a new era of music. Eilish even admitted a big announcement was coming in her Instagram Story, and said, “I got some s*** to put out” (via Teen Vogue). After all the recent reveals, Eilish’s fans are more than ready for what’s to come next.

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