Boy II Men’s Wanya Morris Clarifies Rumors That He Dated Brandy When She Was Underage

Brandy keeps her love life out of the spotlight. Aside from her fake marriage and two engagements, the “I Wanna Be Down” singer has only been open about one relationship in her lifetime: Wanya Morris.

The two dated for two years before their split and many speculated it was due to Brandy being younger in age. Morris recently addressed the rumors on social media. 

A recap of Brandy and Wanya Morris’ relationship

Brandy became a huge fan of Boyz II Men in the early ’90s, particularly Morris. Per Madame Noire, Morris explained their initial meeting on a recent Instagram live. He claims Brandy’s mother and manager, Sonja Norwood, arranged a meeting between the two.

Morris says Brandy became his protege. He even introduced her to Vida Spears and Ralph Farqhar, which landed her roles on the sitcoms Thea and Moesha. Morris says he wrote the theme song to one of the shows. 

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Brandy toured with Boyz II Men and she and Morris performed a duet together, a remix to her single “Brokenhearted.” She revealed during her 2012 VH1 Behind The Music special that she confessed her love for Morris but was afraid to do so because of their six-year age difference and dear of her mother’s reaction.

“I’m just in love with somebody but can’t tell them. Too young to tell him. I can’t really tell my mom because she’ll have a heart attack as a mother and manager. What will I do?” she said. “One day I got the courage to tell Wanya how I felt. I just told him that I loved him and thanked him for making me feel the way I feel because I had never felt that way before. He was just like, ‘Wow.’ The relationship took a transition, and we became a couple. I was on a high. It was love. It was real love.”

Wanya Morris says he and Brandy did not begin dating until she was of legal age

For years, many speculated that the former couple began dating when Brandy was underage, especially as they met when Brandy was a teenager and worked together for their 1996 duet. Morris put the rumors to rest during his Instagram live.

“Once she turned of age, we had been hanging around each other so much that there came to be some sort of connection. An intimate connection. We actually fell in love,” he said. “Now, we were young. That’s what happens. You’re young and you fall in love. Especially when you have the ability to be around somebody a lot. You begin to know things about them. And they know things about you.”

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Brandy also confirmed she and Morris did not begin dating until she turned 18. She said so during her Behind the Music special. She also says that Morris was her first true love and her first real heartbreak. 

Morris says they simply outgrew one another, though he admits he fell out of love with her sooner. Singer Adina Howard later claimed that she and Morris began a relationship, resulting in Morris breaking things off with Brandy. Brandy confirmed such in the VH1 episode, noting, “He fell in love with someone else, and that’s f***ed up.”

Morris went on to marry and have children, as did Brandy. She’s currently single and says she’s focusing on her music and motherhood.

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