Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Flaunt Joyous Honeymoon After 90 Day Fiance Wedding

90 Day Fiance fans celebrated as Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina were married on Season 8.

The couple — especially Julia — was a fan-favorite on the season.

But we know that for many couples, marriage doesn’t lead to happily ever after. There’s a whole spinoff about it.

Julia and Brandon, however, are living their best lives on their (delayed) honeymoon.

Brandon and Julia went to Miami for their honeymoon … about a year after getting married.

Ever since their wedding aired, they were finally free to share their lives with fans.

And they have been packing on the PDA and gushing over each other.

Seriously, from the minute that their touching nuptials aired, the gloves came off on their Instagram accounts.

Julia and Brandon have even introduced their fans to their “son.”

We are referring, of course, to their German Shepherd, a gift to Julia from Betty and Ron Gibbs.

Brandon and Julia had to rush their wedding due to COVID-19.

They had to postpone their honeymoon for the same reason.

And of course, with the pandemic still not over, the honeymoon changes some thing for the honeymoon, too.

(Not trying to give Julia a hard time, but please do not put your mask on your chin — it contaminates the inside of it)

Despite the pandemic, many theme parks reopened (way too early).

We’d have said that we can’t imagine who would go right now, but it looks like Brandon and Julia make the list.

Theme parks were not their only destinations on their joyous honeymoon.

Apparently, Julia spent hours swimming in the water off of the beach at Miami.

We’re glad that they have been having a good time.

A good time … and an expensive time, it seems.

According to Brandon and Julia, many of their meals seem to cost as much as $150.

Cities are expensive, but we’re admittedly unsure of how two tiny people could regularly rack up such a bill.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina in the tub for bath tub "spa day"

And yes, they are tiny, as many fans and viewers observed this season.

We’re not being mean. It’s true and it’s not an insult.

They could fit together in a regular home bathtub. That is tiny.

Some fans may worry that Brandon is spending himself broke on Julia, as he did before she arrived.

Remember, he ended up going into debt before Julia arrived.

This is what forced him and Julia into a tight spot where they relied upon his parents and their awful, inexcusable treatment of Julia.

However, things have changed.

Brandon still has his full time job as a pest control technician.

And 90 Day Fiance does pay … albeit not very well. They’re on two seasons, now, plus on Bares All.

However, Brandon and Julia were finally, finally able to join Cameo after their nuptials aired.

This means that they can rake in thousands — or tens of thousands — of dollars from fans.

On Cameo, public figures are paid by fans for custom video content.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina ready for bath tub "spa day"

So yes, they can likely afford to treat themselves.

And if they ever decided to join OnlyFans, well, that would work too.

That’s up to them, but we’re just putting that out there.

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