Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina MARRIED! 90 Day Fiance Fans Weep With Joy!

Season 8, Episode 16 of 90 Day Fiance showed us multiple pandemic weddings.

One of the most touching and most hard-fought was Brandon Gibbs’ marriage to Julia Trubkina.

They had an uphill battle to tie the knot.

But the results were beautiful, and so, so worth it.

The day before the wedding, Julia and Brandon were facing uncertainty.

Arguments about their future, Brandon’s apparent disinterest, and baggage from previous struggles were fresh on Julia’s mind.

Brandon popped in and offered comfort to his fiancee.

In fact, Brandon said all of the right things.

His words were so touching that Julia began to cry because what he said was “so cute.”

It is fairly normal to experience complicated emotions before a wedding. Clearly, these two have a lot of love.

Brandon also had a last minute surprise for Julia.

He brought her to a DIY “spa day” at home, something that would have been impossible to do elsewhere.

He also, ahem, whipped out the moneymakers for viewers to oggle.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina ready for bath tub "spa day"

The spa day took place in one bathtub, and would not have worked if they weren’t both such small people.

Illuminated only by candelight, they spent time letting the water wash away their stress about the nuptials.

For this moment, it was just the two of them … well, and the camera, and the producers.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina in the tub for bath tub "spa day"

Julia had the most amazing idea for their wedding vows.

In addition to writing their own vows, they each wrote them in each other’s native languages.

The two documents would then be incorporated into a piece of artwork after the wedding.

Sadly, they of course could not have guests.

The fact that they married indoors at all, rather than outside like Tarik and Hazel, was frankly a mistake.

But they were able to let Julia’s family watch a livestream of the nuptials.

Brandon’s pronunciation of Julia’s name when he spoke in Russian was some viewers’ first inkling that Russian names are a little different.

(It’s “Yulia” because J, I, and Y are basically the same letter at their roots, but developed differently in different language offshoots)

While we’re sure that Brandon’s Russian is worse than Julia’s English, it was very sweet.

In fact, you can watch a short video of the ceremony here.

(The full video is like seven minutes … we wouldn’t do that to you)

It is a heartwarming occassion.

Fans and viewers got teary-eyed while watching the moving ceremony.

Julia is a fan-favorite this season because she’s a wonderful person and has a great sense of humor (and is so, so patient).

Seeing her get her wedding, even under the circumstances, filled fans with love and moved them to tears.

Early Tuesday morning, Julia shared a little information about the context of the wedding.

“We didn’t have 90 days, we got married 60 days later.” she shared.

Julia explained that they married after just 60 days “because the virus completely changed our plans.”

“The dress was not ready, the shoes were not bought, the ring for Brandon did not come,” Julia revealed.

“We made a custom ring,” she detailed. “I bought my ring in Russia.”

“Brandon bought the suit before the virus started,” Julia noted.

“There was no photographer,” Julia continued. “This is crazy. but you know my image reflected my character, I think so.”

“I made the bouquet myself, the makeup was done in 5 minutes, the hairstyle too,” she shared.

“I also cut Brandon’s hair,” Julia concluded, adding that she also “sewed on the dress because it was big.” She did a great job!

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