Britney Spears Called 911 Night Before Testimony, Cited Conservatorship Abuse

In late June, Britney Spears delivered courageous testimony on her conservatorship.

It turns out that, just one night before she spoke at the hearing, Britney made a 911 call.

Britney called to report conservatorship abuse.

That call has spawned a police investigation.

Over the July Fourth Weekend, Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino wrote about Britney Spears for The New Yorker.

In this hard-hitting piece, the journalists — who have long vocally opposed and exposed abuses — laid out the facts.

While some of the many witnesses interviewed spoke of the conservatorship’s origins, others had more recent details to share.

The expose is where it was revealed that Britney called 911 to report conservatorship abuse.

Since this happened just one night before she testified in the hearing, this sent certain individuals into a panic.

“Members of Spears’s team began texting one another frantically,” the expose reads.

“They were worried about what Spears might say the next day,” the article describes.

“And,” the hard-hitting expose continues, “they discussed how to prepare in the event that she went rogue.”

Additionally, the investigative journalists reached out to and confirmed the 911 call with sources.

Those sources included an insider close to Britney.

Additionally, law enforcement officials also verified that the call was placed.

Which of course begs the question: why has the public at large not heard this call yet?

For various good reasons, emergency calls to 911 are generally available to the public.

However, Los Angeles county has sealed Britney’s emergency call.

The reason, officially speaking, is that there is an “ongoing investigation” related tot he call.

We can only speculate about what was said on the call and what prompted it.

Many fans have naturally assumed that perhaps she was being told, or even threatened, about what to say.

If anyone was attempting to strongarm her regarding her testimony, we hope that she informed the judge.

Much of what was said at Britney’s historic hearing is of course publicly available.

However, some of it is not.

After Britney shared all that she had to say initially, the court took a short recess — and then stopped broadcasting.

Whatever was said at that time was not for public ears.

But Britney had already said more than enough to shock and horrify the world.

In minutes, years of her father’s public relations blitzes were unraveled and numerous injustices were laid bare.

Financial restrictions. Forced performances. “Punishments.” Lies. Forced sterilization.

Britney spoke up for herself for the first time in public to describe these outrages and more.

It was, she shared, her wish and her dream that the conservatorship should end.

Unfortunately, Britney’s courageous testimony did not have an instant, magical effect upon her circumstances.

The court delivered a setback to Britney, and her fight for freedom continues.

However, other parties are listening to and even respecting her wishes.

In recent days, both the Bessemer Trust and Britney’s longtime manager have withdrawn from her affairs.

The former withdrew from her financial conservatorship. The latter resigned as her manager after 25 years.

Both parties cited a desire to respect Britney’s wishes.

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