Chloe Bailey's New Sex Scene Sparks Colorism Convo About Halle Berry

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A new show Chloe Bailey is in — where she’s depicted having sex — has sparked a debate about racism and colorism in Hollywood … and now, Halle Berry‘s been roped in.

You might’ve noticed the latter is trending this weekend, and the reason is because of this discourse that’s taken off since Donald Glover‘s latest TV series, ‘Swarm,’ debuted on Friday … which starts out with a scene depicting Chloe doing the deed in very graphic detail.

Since then, there’s been a lot of chatter about her decision to do the sex scene … some say it’s a great move/good for her, others feel like it falls in line with other choices she’s made of late — like putting out a single with Chris Brown — that some think are … not so wise.

As one Twitter user put it … “Where is a Chloe Bailey’s mentor pls??? She’s been making terrible decisions lately, she should have never done that sex scene in Swarm and I’m not even gonna go into her most recent collab.” A lot of other folks reacted similarly.

On Saturday, that convo shifted when someone brought up Halle in comparison. She tweeted, “Halle Berry getting back shots role got her an Oscar right?” The point she was making … Halle also did risqué stuff in her day — ‘Monster’s Ball’ being the prime example, for which she won an Oscar — but that, in and of itself, did not diminish her work/accolades.

This user was essentially saying Chloe’s sex scene won’t define her acting career, and that it’s unfair to suggest she’ll be derailed ’cause of it. Basically, stop giving her premature flak.

However, another Twitter user responded … suggesting Halle enjoys the benefit of a lighter skin complexion, and even went so far as to claim that she’s “white passing.” Obviously, she isn’t — Halle looks Black, not white … which is literally what white-passing means.

Semantics aside, however, this woman’s point (as she further explained on her page) is that Halle fits Hollywood’s traditional white European beauty standard … more so than Chloe, or any other dark-skinned Black woman for that matter. Therefore, she believes Halle has had an easier time in showbiz than Chloe might in this specific regard … aka, baring it all.

In other words, this user feels like colorism is still very much alive and well in the entertainment industry … and that darker-skinned Black performers will have a tougher go in comparison to any of their lighter-skinned counterparts — which might be valid.

Of course, there’s also the Bailey sisters factor here … namely, the fact that Chloe’s also-famous sibling, Halle Bailey, has a more buttoned-up rep than her older sis, perhaps, does.

Chloe Bailey hot shots

Halle (Bailey) is literally starring in ‘The Little Mermaid’ with Disney — very family-friendly, etc. — and she generally avoids controversy of her own doing. Chloe, on the other hand, is under a microscope more often … and tends to get labeled as the wild child of the two.

In any case … hopefully we can all agree that anyone can do whatever the hell they want, regardless of all the chirping. We’re sure Chloe isn’t batting an eyelash about any of it.

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