Chris Evans Showed Off All His Chest Tattoos (While Shirtless) Months Ago & We Have the Evidence!

The Internet blew up this week after Chris Evans showed a hint of his chest tattoos during an interview. So many fans did not realize he had any ink in that location, and we’re here with some past receipts!

A few months ago, the 39-year-old actor posted a video of himself going for one last swim before closing his pool for the winter.

In the video, Chris does a backwards flip into the pool while his dog Dodger watches from the side. You can see a lot of his chest and torso tattoos in the video.

We have the video embedded here, and also grabbed a few photos of the moment for you to enjoy as well. See those pics in the gallery of this post.

Meanwhile, in other Chris Evans news, you may be wondering if he’ll be returning as Captain America any time soon…

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