Chris Young Shares David Bowie-Inspired 'Young Love & Saturday Nights'

Country singer-songwriter Chris Young recently dropped a brand-new single, “Young Love & Saturday Nights.”

The song, co-produced by Young with Corey Crowder and Chris DeStefano, incorporates the signature guitar lick from David Bowie‘s “Rebel Rebel.”

“She loves his southern drawl from north of Atlanta / That Silverado he got parked outside / Loves a cranking ’89 Alabama / Kissing for an hour in the parking lot light / Here’s to good girls that can’t keep from falling / For bad boys that their daddies don’t like / Small towns that keep staying small / Here’s to old trucks, young love, and Saturday nights,” Young sings in the chorus.

“When I first heard this song, I immediately connected with the groove and the lyrics with nods to so many things I can personally relate to,” the multi-platinum entertainer shared in a press release.
“It made me think back to when I first got started playing country dive bars and it was the same kind of thing.”

“I drove a beat-up truck to and from gigs where I played music hoping the audiences would relate… and if I’m being honest, hoping the girls would like it too,” he added.

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