Clare Crawley Calls Out How 'The Bachelorette' Was Edited in New Interview

Clare Crawley is speaking out about her short-lived time as Bachelorette, saying her half of the season wasn’t edited in the way she thought it would be. Chatting with the Girl Powerful Project on Instagram, via Us Weekly, Clare said “That was one thing that propelled me to want to do The Bachelorette initially, was to be able to show the imperfections of who we are—not in a negative way—but the imperfections just in general of who we are and to be loved and to love ourselves regardless of that. And to set these standards for our heart regardless of that.”

She later added, “So, it didn’t come out that way and it wasn’t edited that way, but that’s OK. I love showing the sides of who I am. We’re all the same.”

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This isn’t the first time Clare’s implied that she’s been less than thrilled about her experience on The Bachelorette. Just this week she liked a tweet questioning why producers don’t “let” her and Bachelorette winner Dale Moss “give multiple interviews like @Tayshia & Zac.” The tweet also noted, “I haven’t seen her/them on #BachelorNation or any interviews. The treatment is very cold. She’s a bachelorette too!”

And in October 2020, she liked another tweet saying she was “forced out” of The Bachelorette and that the show was purposefully giving her a “bad edit:”

Despite her issues with production, Clare did find love on The Bachelorette, and is currently kinda-maybe-I-think-who-knows dating Dale again after a brief but messy breakup.

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