Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper has tractor nightmare after ‘pleading for help’

Kaleb Cooper shows off his dairy cows

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper pleaded for help after admitting he needed a mammoth amount of wheat to be cut down for him.

He appealed for a helping hand, hoping he’d get a test drive, while admitting he had no interest in buying the tractor afterwards – and hours later, admitted defeat.

Initially taking to Instagram Stories on Thursday, he cheekily quizzed: “Does anybody out there want to bring a combine, preferably a big one, to cut about 160 acres of wheat for me?

“I’m probably not gonna buy the demo, but I just want to cut my wheat. I thought I’d be honest in this situation.”

He reiterated: “So that again – a big combine to cut 160 acres of wheat on a demo – and I won’t buy it!”

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There was seemingly no response, as Kaleb took to the app again later, telling his two million followers: “So it’s now been nine hours since I pleaded for help on a demo combine that I probably won’t buy.

“Would it help if I said that I might be interested in it? I’ll show an interest in it!”

It was almost night-time when he reiterated his plea, with the skies turning pitch black behind him – and to make matters worse, he later showed himself driving along with no lights.

“The fuse went out,” he exclaimed in frustration, adding: “What a day, honestly!”

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However, moments later, the mood changed as he insisted: “I’ve never ever been so happy. I’ve just seen a shooting star. Made my night!”

Kaleb also showed a playful side to the character that viewers frequently see arguing with Jeremy Clarkson onscreen when he shared a video clip demonstrating his singing skills.

Taking to the stage last month for a live singalong with the Wurzles at a Hawkstone session, he brandished his drink high in the air, while belting out: “I am a cider drinker!”

@_danielholm_ was one of those who appreciated the video, chuckling: “Hahaha, your life has really turned upside down in a short period of time! Enjoy it, mate! Can’t wait for the next season of The Farm!”

Kaleb now faces a battle against the clock to get his wheat harvested, as the crops could retain excess moisture if they’re not taken out of the ground as soon as they’re ready.

Though he chuckled in his Instagram video over the failed attempt to get the services of a demo he “probably wouldn’t buy”, problems could arise if he’s too late.

Meanwhile, Kaleb – who has recently acquired 21 dairy cows, much to his delight – has also made another plea as he looks for a working collie pup to assist him.

Fans will be eagerly looking forward to season three of Clarkson’s Farm, which will see the perhaps unlikely duo of Jeremy and Kaleb reunite on Amazon Prime soon.

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