Danny Cipriani says Kelly Brook ‘cheated on her boyfriend’ Thom Evans with him

Danny Cipriani has claimed that his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Brook, 'cheated on her then-boyfriend Thom Evans' with him.

The former England rugby star, 35, dated Kelly, 43, on and off from 2008 to June 2010, but she got together with Thom – Danny's former teammate and friend – later that year, which Danny said left him feeling like his “heart is being broken in glorious technicolour”.

In his new autobiography Who Am I, and during an interview with The Sun on Sunday, Danny has claimed that he and Kelly went on a secret holiday to Mauritius – whilst she was still dating Thom, 38.

He spoke about how he was consumed with jealousy, watching Kelly and Thom's relationship being splashed across the news when he was away playing rugby in Australia – so he set out on a mission to get her back.

Danny claims that he and Kelly met up again on the holiday the same year that she announced that she and Thom had lost their baby – in 2011.

He told The Sun on Sunday: “I felt like it was fair game… I felt like what was mine wasn't mine any more. I was friends with Thom. It was definitely a difficult scenario… I was so confused and torn and twisted at that time.”

Danny and Kelly ended up getting back together in 2013 after her relationship with Thom broke down, but Danny admitted that he "realised very quickly that it wasn’t what I wanted".

He also revealed that he didn't have a soulmate type of relationship with Kelly, and that it "wasn't love" for him.

In his autobiography, Danny delved into detail about his relationship with Kelly, who was once labelled the 'sexiest woman alive'.

He spoke about how the breakdown of their relationship in 2010 came after he flirted with a stripper in a Las Vegas club – whilst Kelly was also there.

Danny claims that Kelly had encouraged him to get a lap dance, and when he did, he became flirtatious with the stripper in question and told her he was going to break up with Kelly.

However, drama ensued when Kelly overheard the stripper telling her friends what Danny had said whilst she was in the bathroom at the same time.

He recalled an infuriated Kelly coming out of the toilet and 'slapping' him, before she had to be restrained by several bouncers.

After Kelly and Thom split, she denied that there was any third party involvement, saying publicly: “Thom and I mutually agreed to go our separate ways some time ago. It had absolutely nothing to do with a third party.”

Kelly, Thom and Danny have all moved on, with Kelly now being married to Jeremy Parisi, Danny married to Victoria Rose, and Thom is engaged to former X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger.

OK! has contacted Kelly and Thom's representatives for comment.

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